waterless spray shampoo...i think i'm in love

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Purred: Wed May 7, '08 11:12pm PST 
seriously. spray it on, rub it in, leave it for a bit-then towel off and brush. quick, easy, and the cats don't absolutely hate it. there's even this 'before bedtime' mist that quickly gets rid of the loose dust and various crap they pick up rolling around everywhere-i'm waking up with less sinus headaches after using this stuffhappy dance i realize that not every kitty MUST spend a healthy (?) portion of the night shoving their fur up their human's nostrils, but kaya is not one of those polite kitties. she no longer sleeps right on top of my head, but she does tend to...breathe my air? i find it helps if she's a bit less funky. her fur just feels so much sofer, too-and she actually has a good shine.


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Purred: Thu May 8, '08 10:44am PST 
Which brand is it? I've been using Bio-Groom Klean Kitty Tearless Waterless Shampoo. I like it, except that the kitties can't get past the hissing sound the pump makes. So I've been dampening a washcloth and using it that way. It's cheaper than the wipes, just not quite as convenient.


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Purred: Sat May 10, '08 1:36pm PST 
I use the waterless foam because my cats don't like the spray sound either. I haven't found a waterless foam that I really like though. I like the cloths better.


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Purred: Fri Jul 4, '08 6:36pm PST 
I've been using the Blue Buffalo waterless botanical foam. My human just lathers it in and dries me off! It has green tea, aloe, and glycerin in it.

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Purred: Thu Sep 11, '08 9:54pm PST 
I bought a foaming cat shampoo because I thought it was waterless... The label even says "Cats and water usually do not mix! Use this foaming shampoo etc etc"

Then I read the directions and it said to "sponge rinse with warm water"! What happened to not mixing with water? confused