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Purred: Sun Nov 11, '07 7:54am PST 

My Mommy went out of town on business for the weekend and just came home tonight. Mommy's human mom and brother babysat for her, and all went well.

However, when Mommy went to give my sister Cham a nice bum rub like she likes, she noticed Cham had a stinky butt, and on further investigation, Mommy found a small poo mat. red face

Poor Cham, she must have been nervous about her babysitters and got a little runny, and her medium hair didn't do so well with it.

Mommy tried to wipe it, but Cham put a lock on the area with her tail, and it had already dried, so Mommy knew Cham would have to have her first bum bath.

Cham really struggled and was not happy to get her bum washed with warm water and kitty shampoo, but she was a trooper with Mommy doing her best to get the poo mat loose and off her fur.

Mommy thought she'd gotten it all off just around the time that Cham had had enough of the bum bath, so Mommy stopped, towel dried her, gave her a treat, and Cham ran to the other room to lick herself dry.

However, after Cham calmed down a little, she went to Mommy to sit on her lap, and Mommy noticed that Cham still has stinky butt. Cham sat for a minute on Mommy and enjoyed a little petting, but then she looked perturbed, got up and went under the bed.

Mommy doesn't want to upset her by checking her bum again...but she's worried she may not have gotten the entire poo mat off.

What should Mommy do?!


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is it possible that Cham still is having intestinal issues? The hiding would suggest as much. Cham knows mom knows she's not feeling well, and now she feels like she has to hide it from her, even if it's something minor (we cats hate for others to know we are sick). I've never had sticky poo on my butt (it helps that I am a shorthair), but when I am constipated or a bit runny, my butt area in general will stink even if I try to clean it well until everything is back to normal. red face Sometimes it might take even a couple of days after I'm all better before the fur around my butt does not stink anymore. I'd watch her poo to make sure the diarrea is gone, and not an ongoing issue.

Meanwhile, there are kitty wipes you can buy that can help your mommy bathe Cham's bum without it being a traumatic experience. They're sort of the cat equivalent of baby wipes, and they are available at most pet stores.

Athena (In- Memory)

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What I found a lot easier than washing is try to clip the fur poo mat with scissors. The hardest part is you need four hands: one to hold the cat down, one to hold the tail up, one hand to keep the mat away from the skin as the fourth hand scissors it off. Even if the poo is still wet, snipping it off keeps it from smearing all over.

But you got most of it off so I would leave her alone until she relaxes. She will continue to wash herself until her bum is clean.

After she relaxes and comes to you on her own and if you can still see or feel a poo mat -- in a calm and relaxing way, have the scissors ready. Let Cham come to you like during a normal petting. Cats like to show their butt to you anyway, so I scritch Athena on her rump, right by the base of her tail, which causes her to raise her tail straight up. I have one chance to snip the offending poo matt.

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Hi, Boris,

Cham (and Mooch) 's Mom. I posted a thanks to you on my weekend away thread but somehow it didn't bump the thread up. Anyway, thank you for your kind response in both places!

Cham ended up taking a little nap under the bed until she'd dried sufficiently, and then she danced out demanding her tummy rub. smile While I gave her the rub, I checked her cute bum, and saw that there indeed was a little more stinky that I'd missed...and she let me get it off! applause

In fact, she acted really happy to have a nice clean butt. I was really happy, too! laugh out loud

Thank you, I do have those kitty wipes and they work quite well. They've worked for smaller bum messes, but this particular time was more major. confused

Cham is now playing and running around after having kneaded in and napped in my lap, so I guess she must be feeling much better. And I'm so glad I don't have to bathe her again so soon!

Thank you very much!


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I get poo mats....it's kinda embarrassing for mom, but my butt fur is really puffy and my poo used to stick to it, so I had to scoot around trying to get it off, mom was worried about my anal sacs as well...after the messes that I made, mom would always calmly pick me up and pet wipe me, then trim the poo off (I am a fairly calm kitty for mom).

But after numerous vet checks, mom began to cut off all my butt fur, and began to feed me wet food once a day (I used to only get dry). I haven't scooted in two months (that was when mom began to trim me).


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Hi, Athena and Maliika,

Thank you for your posts. After Cham's bum bath, we were able to get all clean and happy. cheer

Having soft, poofy fur there has its disadvantages, doesn't it MOL.

Thank you for the advice!