Someone cut my whiskers

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Purred: Fri May 9, '08 7:07pm PST 
When I was at the rescue before my meowmy brought my home I used to play a lot with my sisfur and brofur and some other kittens that were in the kitten room. My meowmy is a volunteer there and she helped take care of me when I was very tiny smile She saw my crazy sisfur Sheri biting my whiskers off one day! When I came home my whiskers looked like they were cut as well. They grew back very quickly though and now my whiskers are long and lovely and normal!



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Purred: Wed May 14, '08 4:04am PST 
Hi, Hallo...Tambolina from England here.....

Passing you over to my human person.........

Whiskers are very important, I think.......to the cats themselves and to their human person....let me explain......I have three black cats (and one British Blue...he is Colin and is very beautiful but doesn't come into this story)

Tambolina's whiskers are l-l-o-o-n-n-g-g and curving and s-s-o-o luxurious.....they are part of the luxury of her beautiful long fur.....
Conrad's whiskers stick straight out as if he is saying 'here I am...be afraid...be very afraid....take great care or I'll mash you to a pulp' (he is a fighter) and Miss Lillie's whiskers (this is the point of the story) are all black....except one...pure white!!! I love Miss Lillie very much but this white whisker drives me insane.....she is totally black otherwise and the white whisker makes her look STUPID.....I keep trying to cut it off, but it just grows again.........what should I do, do you think? Cut all her whiskers off? (Don't worry, I'm just joking....Miss Lillie is wonderful as she is)

ps. My friend's young cat chewed off the whiskers of her older cat but it didn't seem to matter......


ps many cat kisses from Tambolina (and Conrad and Miss Lillie and the (shadowy) Colin).......


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Purred: Sun May 18, '08 3:46am PST 
My black cat Botchan (RIP, 9/2004, 18 years) had one white whisker, too. For years, I used to tweeze it out (I know, I know, it was cruel, but I was young and neurotic in those days and that single white whisker drove me batty). Finally I mellowed out and allowed the white whisker to stay, as Botchan's badge of individuality.


Purred: Tue Jul 22, '08 5:39pm PST 
Oreo is 13 and ALL her life- her brother Cheese has been ' snackin' on her whiskers. They never grow more than 1/2 inch- when they are again CHEWED OFF-- Oreo does JUST fine without her whiskers. I guess we should be grateful that's ALL he chews on....


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Purred: Fri Aug 8, '08 5:25pm PST 
When I was a kitten, a young child decided it would be fun to cut my whiskers when Mom wasn't watching. Even though they were very short, they roots weren't damaged (?) so they grew back to a normal size.
I was fine without my whiskers, though Mom thought I looked quite pitiful.


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Purred: Tue Aug 12, '08 10:55am PST 
OKAY all ! Here is the ditty on whiskers that came to my meowmy from the breeder.. Mommie cats chew off kittens whiskers when they are young to stay near meowmy and it prevents them from straying to far.. My real Fur Meowmy chewed mine off, so when I got to NJ.. I looked really funny..
big laugh

KuJu Ku

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Purred: Tue Aug 12, '08 10:57am PST 
ahahahaha My meowmy didnt chew mine off.
You had a protective meowmy Kisu ~


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Purred: Tue Aug 12, '08 10:59am PST 
Dont mind him.. that is my brofur Kuju Ku - actually we have the same DAD - but of course not the same mom, and we are two weeks apart. We were shipped from CA to NJ in January.
Yes... we had a nice flight we flyed the friendly skies of
Continental. hehehehehehehe

Zorro(in loving memory)

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Purred: Wed Aug 13, '08 4:09am PST 
Maybe you broke them by accident.Zorro is an indoor and outdoor kitten and his whickers were quite long but one day I found him with veru short whickers!He is very active and playful so I believe that he broke them while playing.

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Purred: Sat Aug 16, '08 6:53am PST 
It can be easy for them to break off,especially with the conditions that have been mentioned-Sam has this problem and they never get to full length anymore,had wondered if this could be part of her diabetes as vet said she is in good health in other things currently,at the moment she has one slightly longer side,with the other side looking like she's attacked them with a rubbishy blunt razor.

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