Long hair grooming questions

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Hi all! I gots a question. My meowmies haven't had a kitty with as long hair as I have before*fluffs up* And since I came to them before my fur-meowmie could teach me certain things, we're having disagreements on how and when I should be groomed. I want to do it all by myself, but they feel they should help; especially with my tooshie hair*dirty looks to meowmies* I can't always get all the "stuff" stuck back there out*looks embarrassed* and when they go to comb it out, I throw a fit. Is there anything ya'll can tell me to tell my meowmies to do so we can agree on grooming issues better? It would make us all a lot happier. Thank you.

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mommy uses a slicker brush on me. that's the one i fight her the least on. she tries to comb my but as well, ...but that's too personal. she kinda follows me around until she's satisfied. she also tries to take a flea comb to me. that doesn't work out well, but damn her she's persistant. however they leave me w/ a pretty glossy coat.dancing petsmart sells them for like $5 here. also walmart had online a grooming brush that had 3 different tools on it for $12.

p.s. if your "private"fur is aggravating mommy she can try getting a groomer to trim your britches down for managability.

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Meowlo Sky:

I am a fluffy kitty too *makes big tail*. I LOVE to be brushed, meowmy grooms me almost every day. The "slicker" brushes are good if you are a kitty who does not like to be brushed, and as another cat suggested, have a groomer trim your "kitty britches".

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