Shedding Advice

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Lady Hidalgo

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Purred: Tue Oct 16, '07 9:50pm PST 
My momma doesn't know what to do. I am shedding a lot more than normal, nothing has changed in my diet or shampoo. Mommy brushes me every night. I love the brush, I brush myself if mommy leaves the brush in my reach. My mommy does give me vitamins for healthy coat. should she give me anything else?kitty

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Purred: Wed Oct 17, '07 7:39am PST 
Lady-you're probably shedding more due to the changing of seasons. most people don't realize that cats blow their coats like some dogs(like huskies). it will usually happen in the spring and fall, sometimes just an increase in shedding or sometimes you'll even get little puffs pulling off your coat. i would just continue brushing and the regular bathing, though if she has somne flaking going as well you could do a fish oil suppliment