Has anyone used SoftPaws?

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Whatcha- doooooooin???
Purred: Tue Jul 17, '07 7:39pm PST 
Has anyone used SoftPaws before? Loved them? Hated them? Were they easy to put on? Did they last? Any sizing problems? Thanks! kitty


I\\\'m First
Purred: Tue Jul 17, '07 9:16pm PST 
I wear them. Momma gets me all different colors too. They are easy to put on. I try to bite them off at first but after momma tells me to stop I forget about them all together. They stay on for about a month at a time. Momma tried small on me first and they didnt fit so well. She then got Med and they fit great. I weigh 8 pounds to give you refernce. So I would have to say I love them.smile

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Linus- (Dreamboat- #72a)

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Purred: Tue Jul 17, '07 9:20pm PST 
I use Soft Paws and they work great! I can still "scratch" but can't damage anything with my claws capped. The sizing chart is pretty good and they do have a return policy in case you order the wrong size. They come in many fun colors too. You can see them on me in a few of my pictures. They are not difficult to apply, but I'm not exactly crazy about having my paws handled so Mom invested in a Klaw Kontrol bag for my "manicures". I can't be uncooperative in that. They last anywhere from 4-8 weeks and fall off when the nail sheath is shed. For more info: www.softpaws.com

❤Ruben❤- DB #⑩

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Purred: Wed Jul 18, '07 7:58am PST 
I use them too and they work wonders. Now grandpa's new leather furniture can stay all pretty like its supposed to.

LOVE MUFFIN- (deseased)

Purred: Wed Jul 18, '07 10:56am PST 
Mom just ordered me some pink and red soft paws!! We had never heard of that before! My nails are sharp and I scratch and hurt mom when I play with her. She knows that I don't mean it but I also use my claws at the other cats and mom don't like that, so, now we have found out about them, by next week I should be wearing some!

Prince Tai

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Purred: Wed Jul 18, '07 11:08am PST 
I used those for a while! They were very helpful and matched my eyes.

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Purred: Thu Jul 19, '07 7:05am PST 
We're not too crazy about them! But the humans love them. They are the greatest for re-habing feral kittens without getting all scratched up when they get spooked!cheer

Turtle - forever- missed

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Purred: Thu Jul 19, '07 8:28pm PST 
I do! They don't bother me at all, and they really make it safer for the furniture and for people's legs and feet.
Mom just extended my claws and compared them to the sizes on the back to see what I needed.


Little boy in a- cat suit
Purred: Fri Jul 20, '07 8:07pm PST 
We have mixed reviews in our house. Binks won't tolerate them. He begins ripping them off, often painfully pulling his claws, as soon as they are on. Within three days, they are all off. I tried reapplying them so that he would get used to them. But after several months of this, I gave up.

However, Matilda could care less if they are on or not. Hers stay on well after the average Soft Paws life span and they work really well. We quit using them on her, though, because it was silly to have one cat wear them and the other cat not.

I would say that, even if your kitty hates them, keep trying. That's what I did with Binks. And although he never accepted them, many kitties finally become accustomed to wearing them. In principle, I do like them, and really wish Binks were more tolerant of them... like Matilda. And they come in some really cute colors!


Whatcha- doooooooin???
Purred: Sat Jul 21, '07 9:34pm PST 
Thanks everyone, I think I'll try them!

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