Should I have my Maine Coon shaved???

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Arwen is a 2 yr old MC. She is sweet and lovable!! She is ALWAYS playing in her water or in the bath tub!! My mom was the only person that she allowed to touch her matts!! Her matts are horrible this season and I'm thinking the only way to get rid of them is to have her shaved???? Would I bring her to the groomer or the vet to have her shaved? All of our kitties have been through such a rough time this year. They all miss Mom so much!! I don't want Arwen to be in pain because of her matts!! She is such a gentle kitty!! Any Suggestions????


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My kitty gets very knotted, especially under her arms and things. I finally took her to a groomer for help about a month ago and they did a great job. If your kitty is a lil grumpy when getting her knots touched, some groomers may send her home. I had to interview and meet with a few groomers before I felt comfortable enough to leave Posh. Some told me they would send her back if she was bad no matter what...half shaved, with shampoo in her fur....not matter what. I made sure I found a groomer that had cats herself and enjoyed them and was not scared to take on a ball of fuzz.

I wouldn't shave your baby unless the groomer HAS to because in my experience when their fur is shaved it grows back more matted somehow. It seems to knot up while it is short, then I can't get them out because the fur was so short already. I would just meet with a few groomers until someone sounds confident enough to handle your kitty and ready to get those knots out!


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Our black persian had to be shaved every year and it always embarrased her. Be sure to comb and brush your cat daily after the big shave.

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It might be something to discuss with your vet. Maybe sedation is an idea so grooming can occur?

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Matts can be painful for the cat so something needs to be done to get them off. Instead of getting her shaved completely, tell the groomer to only shave off the matt. That way she wont be completely bald. She might look really butchered for a while, but just think about how much better she will feel.

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Hi...mommy has me shaved at the beginning of every summer to help with the mats on my back (plus I'm SOOO much cooler w/o all my thick long fur!) We have to go to the vets to get shaved and the doctor has to sedate me. I don't like it very much and neither does Mommy but it's worth it after it's all done. The first time I ever got shaved I was verrry embarrassed and hid downstairs for 2 weeks! But now I'm so used to it...and I just ignore anyone that dares laugh at me...plus Mommy sticks up for me and tells them to stop it! I definitely like being a naked kitty in the summer!