polydactyl cats and coloring

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Purred: Sun Nov 19, '06 12:50pm PST 
Hey all cats! My mom is curious about this - I'm a polydactyl cat with one extra toe on my front paws (I look like I have mittens). I'm also black and white and she's been noticing that there are so many cats here on catster and online in general that have the same coloring as me with extra toes - she's wondering if there is any relation between the bicolor and extra toes?


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Purred: Sun Nov 19, '06 2:36pm PST 
I've never heard that it has anything to do w/ color. If you look at the photos below you will see a wide variety of cats that are polydactyl.
Polydactyl Cat article


Purred: Mon Dec 25, '06 2:57pm PST 
No, there is no correlation. You'll find polydactyls of all colours!

I'm not one, though. I have the usual number of toes!


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Purred: Sun Jan 7, '07 8:36pm PST 
My cousin kitty is a purebred maine coon, and he's got on extra toe on each front foot. Mom read somewhere that this was a trait of the maine coon's and has been intentionally "bred out" of the breed.
Otherwise, I don't think there's any connection.

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Purred: Tue Jan 16, '07 7:52pm PST 
Well, I'm a Maine coon, and I just have the regular number of toes; that's enough for me!

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Purred: Wed Jan 17, '07 5:58am PST 
My kittie has six toes on each foot. She is a calico with her colors being brown, dark brown, and white. I really need to post a picture of her!


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Purred: Wed Jan 17, '07 6:48pm PST 
Demi has six toes on each and she is a Calico. I found her as a stray on Long Island, and in fact many of the strays I saw there were polydactyls. They came in all colors, so I would think it is a seperate gene that happened to be predominant in that particular area. Cool idea though =)

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Purred: Fri Jan 19, '07 2:42am PST 
Some of the first cats to come to America with the English settlers were polydactyls. Apparently this means that there are more on the USA's East coast than anywhere else.

My neighbours have a calico cat who is polydactyl. The gene is not color or sex-linked; it can occur in any color pattern.


Purred: Fri Jan 19, '07 1:50pm PST 
Thanks for all the responses, every cat. Guess my extra toes aren't connected to my black and whiteness! That's interesting about polydactal cats being more common on the east coast. I live in Chicago now, but I was from St. Louis, but who knows where my parents and all those before them were?


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Purred: Fri Jan 19, '07 11:42pm PST 
I have extra dew claws... does that count?

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