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Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.

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Purred: Sun Feb 26, '06 8:24am PST 
is it common to brush cats' teeth? our vet advised it but jayda HATES it... if anyone does it, any tips?

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Purred: Sun Feb 26, '06 10:24am PST 
Meows, if your Human can clean your teeth then you would not need to go to the healing person to get them cleaned. I do not know how many felines have their teeth brushed at home. Having clean teeth can help prevent teeth problems and other health problems. I will have my teeth cleaned next month by a healing person and also have the roots of a broken tooth taken out. My tooth mysteriously disappeared one day and the roots were left behind.

Methinks there is fish flavored feline toothpaste your Human can use on you. A small piece of gauze will work instead of a toothbrush.

Oscar Claude

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Purred: Sun Feb 26, '06 1:04pm PST 
Mommy bought us the malt-flavored toothpaste an a kitty toothbrush, but she hasn't been brave enough to try it on us. Our vet gave us poultry-flavored enzymatic toothpaste, and I love it-- I lick it off Daddy's finger. Ollie doesn't like it, though. He also doesn't like the tartar control treats Mommy gives me-- that's okay cuz it's more for me! But Ollie has really stinky breath-- haha! Our vet says that we'll both have to get our teeth cleaned next year, but we can buy some time by using CET rinse every day. I'm afraid I'm destined to have bad teeth because I'm a Persian, but Mommy's trying to delay the inevitable. Does anyone have any advice for Mommy and Daddy so that they can try to brush our teeth? We freak out when they clip our nails, so they've been afraid to try. Thanks!

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I don't know what kind of toothbrush you have, but I recommend a "finger brush". It's a little rubber cup that fits over a human finger. Mine is red and it came from Petsmart.

Instead of letting you lick toothpaste off his finger, let your dad put it on the finger brush and you can lick it off that. When you get used to that, he can try touching one of your fangs with the finger brush. When you get used to having your teeth touched, he can try rubbing your teeth with the finger brush. If he progresses slowly, doing a little more every day and letting you set the limits, you should learn to accept it. Just keep the focus on eating toothpaste as a treat, not on the toothbrushing thing.

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Purred: Mon Feb 27, '06 11:27am PST 
mommy brushes my teeth twice a week and gives me tartor control treats before bed. When my mom brushes my teeth grandma holds me and pets me to keep me calm then mommy opens my mouth and starts brushing...if i try to run away she lets me go, if she can only get one side then the next time she goes for the other side of my mouth so atleast each half of my mouth gets brushed once a week. she got a little toothbrush and kitty toothpaste from petco

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Purred: Wed Mar 1, '06 2:30pm PST 
Alex you suggested exactly what I was going to post. smile

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Purred: Thu Mar 2, '06 8:50am PST 
My mom brushes my teeth. She uses a malt flavored toothpaste (SOOOOO GOOD) and a special kitten sized toothbrush. Even if you don't like the brush - the toothpaste has enzymes which work to remove plaque from teeth. A kitty's tongue is scratchy and can remove plaque on the inner-tooth (side of tooth touching the tongue) but the side of the tooth that touches the cheeks is where plaque builds up and decay can start, so focus on brushing that. A very high percentage of cats have tooth problems by the time they are three. So brushing is a great thing to do. I also like Greenies, apparently they help remove some plaque - but not as much as preventing the plaque before it can harden.

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Purred: Fri Mar 3, '06 5:28am PST 
Believe me, I should have let Mom brush mine! I had a dental last week and Mom said it was close to $700.00 (whatever that means), I know it made Dad very sad! The doc, took out one of my canine teeth on the bottom right side, she said it was cracked and I don't know how that happened! But my mouth doesn't hurt anymore. Those pills I had to take and that bloodwork before the dental was horrid! I hate going outside the front door and this meant several trips in that sticky scary car! I have some toothpaste the vet sent me home with, I think I'll let Mom try that bushing again!

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Purred: Sun Mar 5, '06 11:07am PST 
The vet recommended it for me but YEAH RIGHT I'M NOT A DOG!


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Purred: Tue Mar 7, '06 9:10pm PST 
Thanks for the helpful posts, they gave me courage to begin the toothbrushing conquest. I did the first step today, I put enzymatic toothpaste on a finger brush and Jayda actually licked it off! So I'm gonna do that a couple times more, then get someone to help me hold her and try to actually brush. Thanks so much again, I appreciate the tips =)

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