giving a cat a bath

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We have had our little girl for about 3yrs now and have never givin her a bath she is 22 yrs and i dont think she ever had a bath she is clean and i comb her and cut her nails she is a indoor cat should i give her a bathor will it make her sick? The vet never said anything she is in good shape im not sure what to do please help? Johncymilo@aol.com


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Is there any special reason you want to give her bath? I had a bath since I throw up from all the fur I'm swallowing. I hated it. I don't think it would make her sick as long you dry her off afterwards. But she probably will hate it and fight to get free. So in short it ok to give her bath if you think she really needs one.

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I never bathe my cats unless they get fleas which is not often. I mean, cats bathe themselves ALL THE TIME! How dirty can a cat get? Of course, mine are indoor cats! Have you tried bathwipes?


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Wow! You are 22 years old? That is great! My sister and I have never been given baths. Unless you are having a hard time cleaning yourself or for other medical purposes, I would not bother. If anything, try the bath wipes first.


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Unless there is a medical or hygenic need, most cats don't need to be bathed. It's a great idea to try using the bath wipes first.

If you decide Charlie needs a bath and the wipes aren't working, be prepared for a bath fight! Mommy suggets that you fill a bottle with a little bit of shampoo and the rest warm water - shake, and you have just combined the initial rinse with the shampoo!

Also, probably best not to try to dunk or fully immerse in a filled bath.. try having several pitchers or bottles filled with warm water so you can gently pour to rinse without turning on the *scary* faucet. Save the head for last.

When you're done with the water, place kitty in towel on floor and wrap up snuggly (like a kitty burrito!) and hold against your chest for a few minutes. This should help calm the cat and the tight wrapping with keep them from squirming while the towels absorbs most of the water. This will minimize drying time and help retain warmth to ward off sickness.

Best of luck to you!

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It doesn't sound like she needs a bath. Cats are good at cleaning themselves. If she has spots that are hard for her to lick, like her back or her bottom, I would use those wipes for that. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.