Can't Clean my rear end

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Nefertiti- (Nefi)

I have an- attitude, I'm a- siamese!
Purred: Sat Jan 28, '06 11:29am PST 
My mommy wants to know how to clean my bottom since I'm too fat to do it. Since I can't clean my bottom, I wipe it on the floor. Luckily it is not on carpet. Mom has got us on a diet of 1/3 a cup of food twice a day (there's 3 of us each getting 1/3 cup). I am beginning to lose weight but my rear still needs cleaned. Any suggestions on the best way?

Nef Nef


Make way for- me!
Purred: Sat Jan 28, '06 1:24pm PST 
Other than a daily bath? (Yikes!)
Have you tried the bath wipes? I've seen them at all the pet supply places, Walmart and even the local grocery store! That might help.


Lieutenant- General of the- Smushy Faces
Purred: Sat Jan 28, '06 2:43pm PST 
Hi Nefi! What an embarassing problem... I know because I have the same issue myself. It's not because I'm too chubby though, it's because I have too much fur! While mom does keep my bum shaved, I still have a messy bum at times so she keeps me clean by wiping back there with a warm cloth. I do get a bath about once a week which helps too but again, I get the baths because of all this fur I have.

Good luck on your weight loss plan! You're going to feel so much better with all that extra chubb off!

Edsel Ford- Fong

Hmm, Looks- Dangerous - I'll Try It!
Purred: Mon Jan 30, '06 7:39am PST 
Edsel also has a butt cleaning problem - and it started because of the extra weight. He just couldn't reach it. But now he's lost weight and to get him to lick himself I wipe the butt with a wet paper towel - the wetness bothers him, so he licks it dry for about twenty minutes. It seems to work.

Suleiman the- Magnificat- R.I.P.

Tah, mommy ...- you must be mad!
Purred: Thu Feb 9, '06 10:19pm PST 
Hmm, I will have to look for those pet wipes. My Sulei is "big boned", and getting older (will be 10 next month) and he doesn't seem to be able to reach his bottom. I've been doing the wet paper towels to gently clean his butt. He does not like it one little bit! But I can't deal with him walking around with a dirty backside and I know it bothers him, he does try to clean it, just can't quite get there.


Queen Of The- Food
Purred: Sun Feb 12, '06 7:00am PST 
I have the same problem, its so ANNOYING! and about these butt wipes do you think they'll have them in this spiffy place they call england?

Nefertiti- (Nefi)

I have an- attitude, I'm a- siamese!
Purred: Sun Feb 12, '06 7:04am PST 
I bet if they don't have the wipes for kitties I would think they have wipes for kids. Mommy has been using baby wipes because they are cheaper and believe it or not, they have similar ingrediants. Mom finally noticed that my belly isn't solid anymore and is starting to get a little hangy. I have extra skin on my belly now so I am starting to lose weight. I really do try to clean my bum but I still can't reach. Soon though!


Happy just to- sleep and eat!
Purred: Thu Feb 23, '06 6:25pm PST 
Hi, I was so happy to find this topic! My vet told me to try wash cloths for my boys rears, but they seemed too rough to me and the boys really hated it. I tried baby wipes this weekend and although they still didn't enjoy being wiped, it was easier and they gave me a little less trouble! Thank you!!

Sydney (Rest In Peace)

Maneki Neko
Purred: Sun Mar 5, '06 11:07am PST 
My good friend the doberman helps me clean my rear.

CJ Jones

The Cat with the- Most Hair WINS!
Purred: Sun Mar 5, '06 1:40pm PST 
When I was younger, I sometimes had rear end "issues" because I had so much fur! One time mom & dad came home & I had drug poopies all over the house. After that, mom & dad kept my rear end & tail clipped short. This seemed to do the trick & eventually I got the hang of it & now no issues at all.

Good luck on your new weight loss plan!