Kitty Dandruff? *blush*

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♫Lucy&- #9835;- 1998-2012

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Purred: Thu Jan 26, '06 9:28pm PST 
Do cats get dandruff?
Mom noticed some white flakes on my fur, but thought it was becuase she hadn't vaccumed my condo recently. Today there were more and she inspected really close and noticed that my skin was dry and flakey too!

What's going on? Is it my food, the weather, should mom use some sort of shampoo or cat lotion on me? This has never been a problem before.

Help please, thanks


sweet Ellie....
Purred: Fri Jan 27, '06 7:28am PST 
I get kitty dandruff in the winter.....from the indoor dry heat and the cold weather it makes our skin very dried out..... as long as you aren't scratching and ripping your skin open you should be fine, without seeing the vet. A nice warm bath with some good conditioning kitty shampoo should help as well. I know my meowmie is not going to get me into a bath if she wants to keep her skin in tact *mol*

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I get dandruff on my back. There is this spot that I can't quite reach to groom. Every few months, Mom cleans my back with cat-bathing cloths that she buys at Petsmart. Then she dries me with a towel and brushes me out. That helps a lot.

That's just me though. If your skin is dry all over, it be a dietary thing. I think you and Zory eat a good quality food though...


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I get dandruff on my back in the wintertime too. I went to the vet for my shots in December and mom asked about it. They said it was very normal for this time of year. They didn't give her any tips on how to get rid of it.

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It could be dandruff from dry skin or it could be whats called dander. This is where you groom yourself and the saliva that is on your fur dries and turns into what looks like dandruff. Dander is what causes most people to be allergic to cats.

You could try kitty wipes or as some of the other cats suggested, brushing regularly helps as well.


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Hi, Lucy - you might want to add a little something to your food to help out with the dandruff. If you eat wet food, your person can add a small quantity of lecithin and wheat bran to your meals, maybe an eighth of a teaspoon apiece. Both are available at health food stores, and they really don't taste like anything, so you shouldn't even notice it in your food. You should see some improvement within a month.


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I used to have the same problem until my mom started getting "Pro Pet Gentle Cat Shampoo & Conditioner" (You can get that from Petsmart) Also If you are getting baths to often that could try out your skin and cause dandruff.


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Assuming it's not a health problem(the skin is refered to as the third kidney for good reason!) then it could very well be the time of year with the dry heat in the house. Also diet and lack of grooming can contribute to the problem.

Your mom can try adding fish oil to your diet and we find it quite tasty so mom just pokes a hole in the capsule and squirts a bit over our food(a bit is roughly 1/2 tsp). If you enjoy it, then she can try and brush you if she already doesn't and this'll help distribute your coat's natural oils.


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Hi there! I get "kitty dandruff" too, it's mainly because of the dry weather in the winter - the same as how humans get dry itchy skin in the winter,but there is shampoo you can get for your dry skin! smile If you can't find any or don't know what kind is best, ask your vet!

♫Lucy&- #9835;- 1998-2012

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Well mom combed Zory and me, vacuumed the condo and much of the house, added some fish oil stuff to our food, and got some food called Science Diet Sensitive Skin.
She also got us bottled flouridated water, which has nothing to do with anything, she just thought she'd throw that in.
It worked! I'm now flake free. Thanks for all your replies.

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