Clipping or Trimming Claws

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.

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Snackypoo for- Pussydoo
Purred: Wed Sep 7, '05 7:00pm PST 
My mummy always clips the points off my claws when I am half asleep ! tricky ! and she does it so fast that by the time I start to wake up enough to start complaining about it, its all over !!! sneaky mummy.....


master of the- kittyflop
Purred: Thu Oct 13, '05 11:42am PST 
I used to hate getting claws clipped until I realized dad plays with me MUCH more when they are clipped. hmmm....

He also sometimes gets my paws wet (eww!) before clipping. I dont like that, but it also makes things go faster. I have big FURRY paws!


Make way for- me!
Purred: Thu Apr 20, '06 7:30am PST 
Even the vet has trouble clipping my nails. She has to charge extra for doing it. Mom's there when it's done and she agrees it's not easy.

But Mom and Dad really can't afford to do that any more so here is what they've come up with. Every night for four nights we each get on Dad's lap and Mom clips ONE paw. At the end of four nights we're all done. The idea is to make us get so used to it so they can eventually do all four paws in one sitting.
Sophie, who is more of a spitfire than I am, was the first to decide it was no big deal. After she was finished, Mom and Dad looked at each other and said, "That was SOPHIE?!" Hehehe!


I'm Ramses, fuss- me Mummy!
Purred: Thu Apr 20, '06 8:33am PST 
When Mummy rescued me I'd never had my claws clipped and never lived in a house, so I wasn't very happy the first time she suggested that a kitty manicure was needed... It took a lot of convincing to get me to try this new expereince, but Mummy wasn't giving up. She said something about not liking hundreds of little claw-marks on her legs...

So for weeks on end Mummy fussed my paws softly when I was snoozing, until I learnt to relax when she touched my toes. Now that I'm not frightened about having Mummy touch my pretty little paws she can give me a kitty manicure without much trouble!

My housemate Tigmut'hep doesn't seem to worry about Mummy doing his claws either. The best bit is after a manicure we get yummy crunchy cat treats to share! smile

Donny the Astro-Kitty

My heart is- broke.
Purred: Sat May 27, '06 2:04pm PST 
most times, mommy and daddy finds it to be a two person job to trim one cat's nails....b/c none of us likes to get our nails trimmed!

but they console us with cat treats after we have ALL our nails trimmed.

i'm the worst, i'm always fighting with mommy and daddy, and they hardly ever get to trim my nails when i'm awake. so my mommy had to be sneaky, and she waits for me to be sleepy and then trim my nails. i still complain like crazy, but i'm too tired to fight - then she can have her way with me....

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