Bath Time

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.

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Tempest *- Angel,- Rainbow- Bridg

Halloween- Miracle
Purred: Sat Nov 26, '05 8:26am PST 
Hello This is Tempest from Felton, Delaware. My mommy wants to bath us off and on to get rid of dirt and fleas. Whats the easiest way to do so? I will bite the heck out of her. I hate bathtimes and she knows it. I will meow so loud that it hurts my mommys ears.


*Lazy Boy!*
Purred: Sat Nov 26, '05 4:18pm PST 
I hope you make it out pal....well she can just put some shampoo on u and then lather it and then dump a bucket of water on u outside. that's what i would think is the best way.


Make way for- me!
Purred: Sat Nov 26, '05 5:14pm PST 
Hi, Tempest!
Hi, Luke!

Personally, I would have two people, one to help hold you and one to do the cleaning. Make sure there are plenty of cups of warm water for rinsing so you don't have to turn the faucett on. I think that noise can make a frightening situation even more so! Sophie & I don't get bathed as we are indoor cats. We've never had a cleanliness problem, so Mom doesn't need to. If we ever got fleas, I guess it would be a different story!
Good Luck!


Lieutenant- General of the- Smushy Faces
Purred: Sat Nov 26, '05 5:34pm PST 
Hi Tempest! If you have a problem with fleas using a product like Frontline or Advantage would work better at getting rid of them than bathing. These products are much more effective and safer than some of the stuff that you buy at the grocery store.


Spoiled Sleepy- Head
Purred: Sat Nov 26, '05 9:45pm PST 
I'm dirty all the time, i like rolling in the dirt and making my nice white fur all dirty. My mommy uses frontline on all my housemates and I and we dont have a flea problem.


Cat bat-catcher- for hire!
Purred: Fri Dec 2, '05 11:00am PST 
My humans don't give me baths, I just lick my self. I guess it's because I'm a cat...

Askem, the- Wonder Cat- (passed

You want me to- WHAT!!!!
Purred: Thu Dec 8, '05 6:31am PST 
Mom says she does not think there's any need to bathe me because I'm an indoor cat and I'm always grooming myself anyway.

Calvin- =^..^=

Purred: Thu Dec 8, '05 6:24pm PST 
Anyone got any tips on how we can get our silly Mommy to STOP bathing us?? Boo cries and tries to climb up and over Mommy, Charlotte tries to play tic-tac-toe on Mommy, and I dont mind it so much, but I squirm a bit so I dont get left out...

We are indoor kitties, and think Mommy has a water issue.
Calvin xoxo


Mommy's Handsome- Boy
Purred: Thu Dec 8, '05 8:16pm PST 
Even though I am inside only, Mommy bathes me about every two weeks. I used to hate it, but now I kind of like the warm water. Mommy fills the bathtub up with nice warm water, and then she picks me up, holds me agianst her chest, and gets in the tub with me. She sits down really slowly and gently puts me in the water. She uses a measuring cup to get my head wet, because I hate it if she puts my head under water. Then she washes me. If I start trying to get out, she just picks me up and cuddles me. When I'm all clean, Mommy wraps me up in a nice big towel and I sit on her lap to dry. I still have all of my claws, but after the first few times, I have never scratched Mommy. Just have your Mommy hold you really close so that you feel safe. Good Luck!


Small Cat, Big- Trouble
Purred: Thu Dec 22, '05 7:52pm PST 
Hi all... my mommy is a cat groomer, so she knows all about washing kitties. It is actually good for indoor kitties to get a bath once in a while (or so she says - I disagree), but they need the bath less often. She usually recommends once every 3-6 months, depending on the kitty's coat length, condition, indoor/outdoor adventures and self-grooming habits. Some kitties get old or gain weight and have trouble grooming. Plus, it'll help wash out all the loose, dead fur and we won't cough up so many hairballs. Yuck!

The way she washes kitties at work is to put some shampoo in a bottle and fill the rest with water. That way, she can wet and shampoo the kitty in one step without turning on the scary faucet. Then she rinses them off with a really low flow shower nozzle. At home, though, she gets my auntie Stef to help hold me and my brother while she rinses us off with a bucket because her "stupid" shower head thingy doesn't detach. I hate that - auntie Stef seems to think it's funny when we're wet.

Anyway, the best tip she has for your moms and dads to wash you is to be calm, never put water on your face (use a washcloth) and make sure to rinse out all the shampoo. And the wet/shampoo in one step is really good because there's less scary water sounds.

Oh and have everything within arms reach ('cause we know if the human is distracted for even a second, we can take off!) and close the door if possible. I know when I get wet, I can get away much easier and if the door is open, I get to have fun making a wet mess of mommy's house. She seems to find that less amusing than I do though...

Hope that helps!

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