My kitty needs all of the prayers, good energy, and good wishes that anyone can spare!

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.


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My kitten Pear is about five months old. He's been sick since I got him in July. He had two types of parasites (which he is finally clear of), and was constantly leaking stool. I took him to the vet several times, had his swollen anal glands removed (they were the size of a small dog's), and found out about a month ago that he has megacolon. He's on three liquid medications, a pill, and prescription food, but he's still dropping stool and having a hard time going to the bathroom.

I got Pear for my birthday along with his sister, Peach. I love Pear so much, and I've done all that I could. I have hundreds of dollars in vet bills and I can't afford another operation to decrease the size of his colon. I've been praying for months that he gets better, but I don't think that mine and my family's are enough. I cry every time I hear him crying when he's trying to go to the bathroom, and I just want him to not be in pain anymore.

The last thing I want to do is have to get him put to sleep, but I don't want to have him suffer. Please, if I could just get some good wishes for the little guy and maybe some words of encouragement for myself, I would really appreciate it.


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I am so sorry to hear all your kitty is going through. I myself do not know much about megacolon, but please visit IBDkitties.net. Alex's mom knows alot about intestinal issues & there is alot of info on there. You could probably send her a pawmail for some help too. What I can do, is to send you purrs & prayers for you & your baby. Also - I am sure there is a group on here for that too..let me see what I can find for you.hug

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I had megacolon, I never had stool leak from me though, my main problem was from constipation. I hope some others have some good words of advice for you and your Pear. I only have words of encouragement.


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well, I did not find a megacolon group on Catster, but there is one on yahoo feline megacolon. Also just put megacolon in the search on this site, and it did bring up lots of posts & info. I hope Pear is doing ok.

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Have you tried using Miralax for this? A friend of mine with a megacolon kitty wrote about it on my site: My Megacolon Kitty


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hughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughug|: |hughughughug


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We don't have any suggestions but Little Pear is in our purr prayers.

Kitten cuddles,
Shannara, Sterling, Shade & Sundance


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PUUUUUUUUUUUURS and POTP for Pear bless him. Also others in need.

Can I have some puuuurs too please as my kittening draws near, mom is worried as I am a small girl and barely a year old. Mom took me in expecting, she noticed next day.

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Poor little guy! Me and my Bridge family is sending you a BIG HUG FOR HEALING for little Pear! Hang in there, and do all you can for the little guy! You will never regret it! All our love and support to you and Pear! Purring hard that you recover and get better!

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There is a wonderful little kitty here, called Miss Tiny Burr Burr and we believe she and her person might be able to give you much insight.
Purring in time with you...