Please purr for the newest member of my family

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Teddy - The Angel

I am Tedtastic.
Purred: Sun Mar 23, '08 8:21pm PST 
Ruby's Page

Please check out the latest member of my family. She was a stray that was in a really bad state, but the vet has given her a fighting chance. Please purr for her recovery and a long life in my home where she can learn to trust humans again.


Mmmmm Money
Purred: Mon Mar 24, '08 5:14am PST 
Awww such a purty cat, just like our half sister. We three, me my brother Muffin and our half sister Cinamon were stray kittens that found homes next door to each other. We are purrrring very hard for your recovery.


World's Loudest- Purrrrrrer
Purred: Mon Mar 24, '08 2:54pm PST 
Oh, she is just so pretty Teddy!! We've stopped by her page and left
a little something!!

Boxie Brown- Forever

Boxie B.- with a- goatee!!
Purred: Mon Mar 24, '08 4:42pm PST 
Oh Teddy, we are purring like mad for your Ruby, what a beauty.

Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Mon Mar 24, '08 9:47pm PST 
I put Ruby on the List on Page One of the
Catsters in Need of Serious Purring thread and also posted at the end of the thread about her. She is beautiful!
Hazel Lucy

Worlds- Coolest- Jaffa Who- LHL

It\'s all about- me
Purred: Tue Mar 25, '08 3:08pm PST 
Dear Teddy, how brilliant that Ruby has found you and your caring family. Purrrrs galore for her and the rest of her new household, she is a mega cutie and hopefully she'll be with you a long, long time.
Big love Jaffa, Lulu and Rustle xxx


Who You Callin'- Blind?
Purred: Tue Mar 25, '08 4:33pm PST 
I was not feeling well about to give up but the nice kitties helped purrr me better!
And I'll help purrrr you better too!


Maus: DB- #53!

Good old- fashioned lover- boy
Purred: Wed Mar 26, '08 5:22pm PST 
Ruby is so pretty.. purrrring that she feels better.


Purred: Wed Mar 26, '08 9:15pm PST 
Thank you for all your purrs. I went to the vet today and my system is working perfectly. My gum is healing, I am eating well, I am putting on weight and I go to the toilet regularly, no vomiting and my nasal discharge is also getting better. But my abdomen is getting bigger. The vet thinks is fluid build up, but he can't understand why as I am doing so well. There are plenty of tests that can determine why but he doesn't want to do them now as i am still getting over my last operation to get my teeth out.
So he suggested that we wait till next week and re-examine me.

Only last week, I was on my last leg, so everyday of being warm and fed is a blessing really.

Wally♥Forever Loved

Sophie\\\'s- Forever Love
Purred: Fri Mar 28, '08 2:39am PST 
OMC! Teddy! I just found this thread! Why didn't you ask me?
Of course I am purring for your beautiful new sister, Ruby!
Purr purr purr and loads of love

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