Jules Vern - purr group right now

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Feeties, its all- about my- feeties!
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '07 6:17pm PST 
Guys JV took a bad bad turn, we are in the group called Matzos Kitties Chevarim purring for him, please come. We have to get him better, it doesnt look good *wiping eyes*

Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '07 6:57pm PST 
Jules Vern - Age 11 - will be going to the Bridge on Wednesday. Prayers for a peaceful journey and comfort for his family.

Diogi©- Forever in- my Heart

Stop the Hate!
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '07 7:07pm PST 
Purrrrrr, purrrrrr, purrrrrring for Jules Vern & his pawrents. He is their baby. This is devastating to them. Please also purrrrrr for his bestest furriend Manna & his girlfurriens Queenie. Purrrrrrring to remind everycat to please remember all the good times that we've had with JV; whether at the Prom or in Samoas Detective Agency (he's quite the crafty criminal). Thank you Jules Vern for the great times!!! Purrrrring for his pawrents (secretly purrrrrring for a miracle). Purrrrrrr, purrrrr, purrrrrrrrrr.
Diogi, T C & Zippie


Athena stole my- heart and has my- love!
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '07 7:14pm PST 
Diogi that was so well said. I don't think I could add much more to that except to say that Jules and his mom are in my purrs and I do believe in miracles too! This is just so sad!

Sending my prayers and love,

Felix - In Loving- Memory

Felix the Lap- Cat
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '07 8:02pm PST 
Purring for my friend Jules Vern and his family. He's such a sweet guy and my prayers go out to them. May his journey to the Bridge be a peaceful one. My Bridge brother Critter will meet him there.

Felix & Critter

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Mon Jul 16, '07 8:10pm PST 
Sending our purrs to JV and his purrsons. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

Purrs and Love from
The A Team: Athena, Apollo and Aragorn

Hannah♥- Loves- Catster

My Heart Is True
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '07 8:15pm PST 
My heart is breaking...oh Julsey, hear these prayers and pull through honey. I believe in miracles too, and it may be selfish, but I don't want to loose you as a friend.

Purrrrrrrrrrrring for a miracle

Hannah and Family

Biscuit- (Angel)

Guardian- Angel~23.8 Years- of Love
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '07 8:21pm PST 
Purrrrrs and purrrrayers for you my friend, Jules.
When you are ready, whenever that time may be, I will be right there.

*your angelfriend forever*

Wally♥Forever Loved

Sophie\\\'s- Forever Love
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '07 8:24pm PST 
Oh no Julesy, please don't go.
Purring for a miracle
We love you,

Alfie♥Forever Loved

Little boy in a- catsuit
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '07 8:28pm PST 
Please fight Julesy!
We orangies are fighters Please feel better.



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