The Get Well Purr List

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
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This is the Get Well Purr List and is updated daily.
These Catsters need serious purr and prayer. ** Pmail me or post in the thread to be included. Same with updates, we'd all like to know how you're doing. - Click Here for help with vet bills. Care Credit is accepted by many vets. The PAWS group has a Larger List of Assistance Orgs. Our hearts ache for sick animals everywhere.

Midnight - Age 8 - had surgery for an infection and is recovering at the vet.
Sagan - Age 12 - labored breathing, it's asthma, being treated.
Lucca - Age 7 - having surgery on Tuesday, February 23rd to clean and drain an infection.
Leigh - Age 5 months - numerous injuries, brain swelling that has led to blindness and frequent seizures. Home with a feeding tube.
Hemingway - Age 8 - has a urinary blockage and in pain and bleeding, home now but uncomfortable.
Pigeon - Age 5 - has a cleft soft palate which causes a host of problems as well as upper respiratory illness and herpes virus.
Tucker - Age 10 - diagnosed with diabetes, hoping the shots improve his health.
L'il Bear Boo Boo - Age 2 - she was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure and Toxoplasmosis infection.
Princess Inky - Age 12 - diagnosed with diabetes and beginning insulin injections.
Rocket Sprocket (Rocky) - Age 17 - hanging in there.
Senna - Age 15 - Starting radiocat treatment for thyroid.
Tommy - Age 1 - medicine did not help, needs to have some teeth pulled.
Smith - Age 1 - Congestive Heart Failure, new to Catster.
Louis LeBeau - Age 9 - mass removed is cancer, began chemotherapy.
Bobcat - Age 13 - doing ok, thyroid levels high end of normal range.
CK (Jazzi's feral life partner) - Age 20 - bad flareup of lifelong IBD.
Arnold P. - Age 13 - is rallying.
Chelsea - Age 2 - hyperthyroid, more testing needed to rule out cancer before Radiocat treatment.
Ginnger - Age 16 - six months since cancer diagnosis.
Sugar - Age 12 - trouble peeing, has cystitis, bladder is small and thick, antibiotic shots. (Part of Calvin's family)
Hailey - Age 6 - epileptic, chronic itchiness, seizures.
Lucy - Age 8 - gums over-produce tissue, being treated for infection but still needs to rule out cancer. (Part of Stinky's family)
Frankie Sinatracat - Age 9 - hyperactive Thyroid, medication is rubbed onto ear.
Aryeh - Age 8 - still blood in his pee, awaiting bacterial culture results.
Zuzu - Age 4 - acute kidney disease, one kidney is the size of an egg, home with meds.
Kirby - Age 9 - has cancer in his sinuses and will receive radiation treatments for it.
Bou Haki (Hoak) - Age 12 - had pneumonia and is home from the vet now.
Mojo - Age 2 - weight loss, vomiting with seizure-like appearance, going to vet. Had a cancerous lump removed a year ago, worried.
Taffy - Age 10 - IBD, corneal ulcer in her eye is healing, sub-q's at home, doing better.
Sylvester - Age 16 - early stages of Renal Failure, dramatic weight loss. He is Very difficult at the vet and it's traumatic for him.
Esther - Age 13 - kidney disease but now doing poorly, hoping Transfusion helps, not enough red blood cells. Part of Yoo Hoo's family.
Rosie - Age 16 - leaky heart valve, coughing and vomiting more, feeling crummy.
Cleo (The Queen) - Age 6 - diagnosed with hyperthyroid, starting meds but keeps pulling out her fur.
Shadow PAWS - Age 20 - dramatic weight loss, more blood tests, thyroid and kidneys off.
Dogster Sissy (Jazzi's family) - Age 13 - Tumor is growing again.
Rocket - Age 7 - is an anxious, scared, nervous cat who is self mutilating, has a cone on for 3 weeks and will receive medication to help calm her. She is slowly healing.
Hopper - Age 10 - elevated calcium requires further testing.
Malik - Age 4 - is losing weight, vomiting, diarrhea. He will have blood tests and more soon.
Pietro - Age 2 months - pneumonia and yeasty ears, now eating and the medicine is helping.
Odie - Age 4 months - had surgery to try and help a fatal condition, portosystemic shunt. Turns out this girl is a boy!
Gleek - Age 5 - no seizures in a while!
Annie - Age 6 - high heart rate, awaiting other tests, may need EKG, etc.
Tallulah - Age 10 - cancer checkup, vet saw the same spot as before and another one now too, also a spot near my heart. Will have full chest x-rays in a few weeks.
Delyte - Age 14 - wobbly and frail.
Ginnger - Age 16 - has pancreatic cancer, but eating well and maintaining his weight.
Sam - Age 13 - has an infection along his lip that may be cancer, has a heart problem and is one sick kitty.
Skye - Age 7 - blue growths in ears are spreading, surgery ruled out because of the risk. Stomatitis, will be kept comfortable.
Nikolai - Age 9 - on insulin, and is now home from the vet.
Stinky - Age 8 - acute asthma, doing poorly.
Oreo - Age 3 - has bladder stones, and they are decreasing in size. Doing well.
Joey - Age 8 - Lymphoma in his neck, finishing chemo and in remission!
Fiddlehead - Age 15 - 2 siblings just crossed the bridge, weight loss, IBD, stressful situation.
Toulouse - Age 14 - mostly blind but gets around ok, has Pancreatitis.
Purrcy - Age 12 - Gall Bladder removed in surgery, trying food without using the feeding tube.
Chloe - Age 10 - bouncing back from severe renal failure.
Roo - Age 9 - new meds are easing his severe asthma.
Mittens - Age 13 - lymphoma, growth on throat is benign.
Patchez - Age 4 - continuing fever of unknown origin, a mystery.
Jerome - Age 5 - stomatitis has flared up, not eating much, upset tummy.
Flower - Age 17 - arthritis in hindquarters makes movement difficult and painful, taking meds for it.
Marie - Age 3 - has Megacolon, which means her colon does not work. Very weak.
Elsa - Age 18 - some days are better than others.
Sally Maria - Age 15 - lymphoma, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and IBD.
Sampson Silver Dollar - Age 12 - meds are helping, much more energy now that his heart is beating normally.
Cato - Age 5 - has a severe respiratory infection, he is very sick.
Moozer - Age 17 - bad mouth infection, cannot have anesthesia due to heart murmur. On antibiotics.
Chessie - Age 2 - much improved, fever gone, will be gradually weaned off steroids and have blood rechecked.
Scrappy - Age 2 - FIP, the whole family has been exposed.
Rascal - Age 15 - has a tumor on his thyroid, on medicine and will have recheck soon.
Hooch - Age 11 - Hyperthyroidism. diabetic now, each day is difficult, has good days too.
Madison - Age 3 - healed from her rump surgery, corneal graft is holding but tremors have returned.
Gracie - Age 8 - had surgery, large hairball removed, and low-grade Lymphoma discovered in her intestines. Will begin oral chemotherapy. Seeking advice.
Cassidy - Age 10 - home on meds, diagnosed with Stomatitis.
Mouse - Age 8 - dramatic weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea. Possibly IBD, going to try a new diet. Will have endoscopy next week.
Pippin - Age 6 - On meds (holistic and prednisolone) to help his liver.
Won-Ton - Age 11 - suffering from arthritis, difficulty moving around or jumping.
Albus - Age 1 - has an autoimmune disease that is causing lesions.
Baci - Age 14 - suffering from congestive heart failure.
Muppet - Age 3 - doing well as long as pain is controlled.
Sylvia - Age 8 - stitches removed from surgery, she is highly allergic, receiving steroid shots.
Cow!Cat - Age 4, AND his sister PixieBelle - Age 13 - have Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), taking beta-blockers to help their hearts work properly.
Sebastian - Age 8 - diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and has begun taking medication. This disease causes thickening of the heart muscle resulting in poor blood flow.
Tiskers - Age 2 - confirmed diagnosis of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, which is what Picasso had.
Chrissy Whitesocks - Age 17 - diagnosed with mild CRF (renal failure).
Nanette - Age 3 - has stomatitis, teeth removed except fangs, chronic Upper Respiratory Infections.
Aldo - Age 10 - on meds to help his tummy empty properly.
Armani - Age 3 - Diagnosed with Polycythemia (too many red blood cells), needs sub-q fluids bi-weekly and 'blood-letting' procedures. Part of Muppet's family.
Stumpy "The Matriarch" - Age 20 - diagnosed with intestinal Lymphoma, prednisone perks her up.
Snowie - Age 10 - vomiting, must eat grain-free food.
Lucy - Age 8 - severe allergies and new lesions.
Sammy - Age 8 - diagnosed with Heart disease. Now home and taking meds, some vomiting, his personality is showing again.
Tony - Age 15 - kidney disease but has urine crystals now.
Sky - Age 13 - has a heart murmur.
Sneakers - Age 17 - The anal tumors were removed, it's a slow-growing cancer and his bloodwork looks good.
Liberty - Age 7 - in kidney failure, receiving sub-q fluids, finding food she can eat is a problem

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Sparkle - loved so- very much

I'm petite with- delicate- features.
Purred: Tue Dec 26, '06 9:25am PST 
We're headed to each and every one to leave treats, rosettes and puurrrrrsssssssss. Thanks for making this soooooooo easy for the rest of us.

Sparkle and Tiger

Ele' - Elphaba- Harriott

Pink, please
Purred: Tue Dec 26, '06 9:28am PST 
We're purring hard for these kitties and many others to have a happy healthy New Year.

Ele', Gimme, and Ambro

Tiger ILM- '97-'10

Purred: Tue Dec 26, '06 9:33am PST 
Let's try to get 10's of thousands of treats for each of these deserving kitties. I don't know if we can reach Simba's numbers but we can try. Hop to it kitties!


Ray of Light
Purred: Tue Dec 26, '06 12:10pm PST 
Great idea, Hazel Lucy!
We'll all be purring and heading out with the treat baskets.


Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Tue Dec 26, '06 1:42pm PST 
purr purrs purred purring purrings
The Power of Purr is one of catsterland's mightiest features!

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Did you say- Cream Cheese?!?
Purred: Tue Dec 26, '06 4:10pm PST 
Thank you for putting the list together, Hazel Lucy. We try to keep up with all the sick kitties, and this makes it so much easier.

Purrs to you, and to the sick kitties out there.

Coco (aka- Emma Peel)- 1997-2015

Homeland- Security
Purred: Tue Dec 26, '06 4:32pm PST 
for health and healing for all the sick and suffering kitties.

Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Tue Dec 26, '06 4:35pm PST 
Anycat with names and pages of sick kitties can pmail me and I'll put up the list. Think I'll do a list every week and make it easier to find them. What does everycat think about this?

Velvet- 1992-2008

Grimalkin Power
Purred: Tue Dec 26, '06 8:04pm PST 
Hazel Lucy, what a great idea!! We will purr for these kitties as so many purred for me...

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