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Hi. Tex is a Cornish Rex. He is 8 years and has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. He eats wet ZD. He has tried several dry brands and throws up. Any suggestions on Grain free dry with a few ingredients? Thank You.


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I'm not sure why you'd want to feed any dry. Check out catinfo.org for more info.

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Could you only feed canned food? thinking If food needs to be left out during the day, you can use a programmable timed feeder.

Z/D is for sensitive tummies thinking There are lots of commercially available limited ingredient brands of food that you could eat instead and it would cost much less than the prescription stuff. Nature's Variety Instinct has a Limited Ingredient line. Natural Balance (I think?) has a pea and duck allergy formula.

Maybe instead of regular dry food you can consider freeze dried raw food instead. Freeze dried raw food is a lot healthier than any dry food and most have a similar crunchy texture. Stella and Chewy's is one brand to try.

Freeze dried food should be rehydrated before serving but it could be fed dry. Just be sure to add water to the canned food to keep the cat well hydrated smile


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With HCM you must watch the salt. Tigger gets 98% wet food, and just a few kibble of Halo or a couple treats per day. IF you really cannot use only wet, then the lower on the list the salt or sodium is, the better for this disease. And lots of water to keep him flushed!


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Here are a few:

Wellness Core

I suggest asking your vet about these.

I feed my kittens orijen(orange bag) I've recently weaned them off Science Diet. They enjoy it and it has a very nice high protein content. They will not currently eat wet food, but I plan on introducing Halo grain-free soon. The last time that they tried wet food the litter box was a runny mess--kittens have sensitive stomachs!

http://www.chewy.com/cat/orijen-cat-kitten-grain-free-d ry-cat/dp/29728

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