What is a serving side?

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Ok, I am stumped. What does this august group of incredible feline fanatics regard as a "serving size." I mean how much like 3 oz, 5 oz, etc...?

Why do I ask? I use the Anitra Vita-Mineral mix powder and the instructions say, "add 1 tsp" for each serving.


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Good question thinking

It really depends on the cat, I guess shrug Some cats will only eat 1oz serving sizes. Other cats may eat more.

You could start with 1 oz of food and adjust the amount until you find how much your cat will eat in a serving with no leftovers.

The vita-mineral mix seems to be a general nutritional supplement for commercial pet food, not for raw food. I replied to your post in the raw food forum.


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1) Bless you for your response. I knew a guru would something for me. big grin

2) One day I will just stop typing in the middle of the dang night (subject line).

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It depends on the cat. I have a cat who will generally eat about 1-3 oz per meal. I have another cat who would eat probably 10oz in one meal if I fed it to him. He's a pig laugh out loud


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big grin I have a couple of "black holes" too.

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I agree with Merlin. It all depends on the cat. some eat more and some eat less.