How is Instinct Cat food? Urinary problems on Authority.

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Fat Rudy

Fat Rudy - Can't- Cuddle...Eating
Purred: Thu Dec 5, '13 4:01pm PST 
I am switching my cat to a better food after he has suffered 5 UTI's in the last year. I am also adding a cranberry powder to his food and giving him D-Mannose one week a month.

After researching foods, I have decided on Instinct Duck and Turkey Meal dry and Duck wet.

I would like to know if anyone has any reviews for this food or if they have any suggestions to a good cat food. Something natural and organic, please. High fat, low fiber.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Thu Dec 5, '13 5:27pm PST 
Nature's Variety Instinct is a good brand way to go

Dry foods is one reason why urinary issues happen in the first place shrug You can read http://catinfo.org/?link=urinarytracthealth for more info about diet and urinary issues and how urinary issues are often misdiagnosed.

For any urinary issue, the key is to get more water into the body. This is easily accomplished by feeding a canned food only diet way to go Cats have a very low thirst drive so adding more bowls and fountains aren't going to help shrug

Do you really need to feed dry food? If your cat eats canned food, there's no reason at all to feed any dry food IMO. Buf if you have to feed some dry, at least limit it to no more than 50% of the diet and add extra water to the canned food to help ensure good hydration.


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Purred: Thu Dec 5, '13 7:20pm PST 
Even the cheapest canned food is better than any dry for cats with urinary issues. Even raw would be better than dry.

In our house, Brownie likes his wet food ground up. I have to make it like soup with a hand blender with extra water. Cookie like the pate ones. I'm still hoping to find the ones that Candie will eat. We are up to 40 cans a month with Brownie eating 75% of it.

You might have to try a few to see which ones work. I'd lucked out with the cheap ones with gravy for Brownie. (A can a day adds up! But is cheap then a vet bill.)

PetSmart Friends & Family weekend. Friskies is $0.35 a can with the 15% off coupon.


Gee golly Miss- Lady!
Purred: Thu Dec 12, '13 9:43pm PST 
Hello there! My human has been giving me Honest Kitchen, which comes with yummy cranberries, along with a rotation of Nature's Variety canned and raw boost food!It has made me healthier! Your human should try the combo! Good luck!