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My 14 & 1/2 year old cat saw the vet last week, she is a little underweight (blood work was good). The vet suggested I increase her food to about 1 & 1/2 to 2 of the 5.5oz cans per day. I am trying to do that however I can't get her to eat more than about 1/2 to 3/4 can per feeding. I work 10 hour days so it's hard for me to feed her more than about twice a day. Any ideas on how to get her to eat more? Right now what she doesn't finish I give her at the next feeding, I am also warming any food that comes from the fridge. I also give her some right before I go to bed. Is there a canned food that has more calories so she won't have to eat as much to get the same nutrition if that makes sense. The food I am feeding her now has about 150 calories per can (I think)

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If the cat is otherwise healthy and eating, I would't worry too much about the weight thinking Some cats just won't any extra food that is offered shrug I would feed the normal amount and add in a little high calorie supplement or food.

Iams Max Cal is a canned food you can try. The ingredients aren't too bad.

You can add FortiFlor to fodo to make it more yummy and ecourage eating. Your vet sells this or you can buy it online.

You can give some higih calorie Nutri Cal gel as a treat.

Use this food chart to find higher calories canned foods. Most canned foods are under 200 calories per can