Petsmart Holiday Bonus Bucks are coming back for 2013!

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Purred: Thu Oct 17, '13 2:47pm PST 
So in my Black Friday shopping planning for 2013, I found last years Petsmart webpage for the Holiday Bonus Bucks. I bookmarked the page. Today, I checked and it is totally updated!!!! Looks like it is Fresh Step litter this year and Wellness, Nutro, Natures Recipe cat food.


In about a month, all the websites will start to leak the Black Friday pet store ads. I can not wait!

UPDATE: The new ad is here! Oct. 21-Nov.17. The Bonus Bucks listed in the front cover. Remember to buy your Bonus Buck items one at a time to get your maximum rewards on each receipt.

Lots of good stuff too.
Can foods. Friskies $0.45, Fancy Feast $0.52, Select Blue 5.5oz $1.19, Simpy Nourish $1
Litter. Fresh Step 42lbs $15.99, Tidy Cat LW 8.5lbs $12.99, Arm & Hammer 28lbs $9.99, Tidy Cat 35lbs $11.99
Dry Foods. Wellmess 11.5 lbs $34.99, Select Blue 2-3lbs $9.99

These are just a few. Visit Petsmart.com-local ad to see more.
Oops! I forgot to post-Page 9 says: "Unbeatable Prices Guaranteed. Our Price Match Guarantee. We'll match any competitor's everyday or advertised price on an in-stock, identical product." And they take competitor coupons too. Happy savings!

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