Need a better wet food

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Purred: Fri Oct 11, '13 9:47am PST 
I have an 8 month old kitten Miles and an 14 year old cat Howard. They get different dry foods--a grain free for the kitten and a vet prescribed diet food for the old kitty. But as for wet food, I'm at a loss. I've tried a lot of different foods, but mostly all my cats will eat is Friskies, and nothing really mushy. My vet said while Miles is young he's fine with the cheap stuff as he just needs calories, but I wanted to switch him to something a little better. Howard really doesn't care what wet he eats as he doesn't eat much. The main thing is with going through a couple cans a day, I can't spend $2/can on my budget.

I'm looking for a good quality wet food, about $1 can, that doesn't have the consistency of total mush. We've tried Blue, but it wasn't a big hit.


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Purred: Sat Oct 12, '13 4:11am PST 
It's my opinion that any canned food is better than dry and I feed my fosters Friskies to keep costs down. The quality is not the highest but the pate flavors are low carb and most cats really like them. Stay away from gravies and "shapes" - it takes carbs to create both. Most of the high quality foods are pretty expensive. The most reasonable one I can think of is the Natural Balance LID flavors but even those are more than $1 a can I think.


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I like Best Feline Friend, Fussie Cat & Earthborn wet food.