Need help deciding what is the best food for my kitten.

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Hello All

So last week I got a kitten, she is 6 weeks old now and for the week I've had her I've been feeding her friskies wet food. I know its not the greatest brand so I did some research and a lot of people seem to praise Blue Wilderness. I went to get 3 cans of it today to see if she likes it and if she doesn't Ill try adding it to the food she has been eating to ease her into it.

I want to know what are your opinions on Blue Wilderness or any other cat/kitten food that would benefit her health. I also bought her the treats from blue wilderness and friskies and she isn't interested in either of them. Is it normal for a kitten to not like treats?

Also I know a lot of people are into the Raw food diet but it is out of the question for us. Thanks.

Kaylee &- Amelia

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Some great foods: Weruva, BFF, Tiki, Almo Natural, Nature's Variety Instinct, Wellness Core

Friskies has dyes, grains, and fillers, which is what makes it a poor choice in my opinion. I prefer to look for foods with no grain, by-products, fillers, dyes, artificial flavours, chemical preservatives.

Your cat may still be adjusting to her new home and not ready to switch foods yet. I'd try giving her a few more days with her old food, then gradually mixing in the new food. It could also be that she simply does not like the new flavour. She might might not like the treats, or she may just still be anxious from the move. 6 weeks is also really young for a new pet, so I'd just give her some time to adjust.

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Any canned food, preferably grain-free way to go No dry food at all uless it's only a very small amount left out for snacking.

There really is no "best" commerical food, dry or canned shrug Many contain ingredietns that cats don't need in their diets, like fruits and veggies. Lots of brands are nothing but junk fillers.

The general rule is to feed the highest quality food that cat likes to eat smile Of course, it has to be affordable for you and easily found in the local stores unless you want to buy online and pay for shipping.

Blue Buffalo is good way to go Lots of people here feed that smile The Wilderness one is the grain-free line.

Have you had a chance to read through previous threads? There's a lot just from the past month on good canned food suggestions.

Your kitten might just not be interested in treats right now. It's ok smile When she's older, you can try offering treats again. Besides commerical treats, plain cooked chicken is usually a big hit with cats smile Human poaches chicken in plain water for Leroy and Emma.


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We have a fairly new kitten and going through the same thing with the food. One thing I can say is that mittens in her diva~ness will NOT eat just any old treats. She wants blue buffalo savory Salmon. Yet, she does not like any kind of food with tuna shrug

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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Dry foods and treats are often coated in stuff that makes it irresistible to cats shrug It's usually animal digest. That's why many cats get addicted to eating dry food and will not eat canned shrug

There's probably some old Catster threads on treats to feed. Some good commerical treats to feed to a cat are 100% freeze dried meat or fish, like Halo Liv A Littles and WildSide Salmon. The occasional "junky" treat like Whisker Lickens or Pounce is ok. Some cats like canned tuna (the kind in water, not oil) or salmon but others don't.

I should have mentioned this in my previous post - Limit seafood canned foods to once in awhile meals. Too much seafood can result in a cat who will not eat anything else shrug Seafood is also low in protein. Cats have a high protein requirement. Some types of fish may contain mercury.


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Thanks so much for your advice guys! I actually didnt have to ease her into at all. I gave her a small sample of it this morning and she gobbled it all up! She really liked it!