dry food = bloody butt

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Our 6-month-old kitten was on an all wet food diet until earlier this week when we went to the vet and found out that she has juvenile gingivitis and has to have some dry food in her diet. We switched her back to a 1/4 of a cup Purina Pro Plan which she was getting as a younger kitten but now she has blood on her anus after she poops. I know it's the food because she had the problem once before and when we changed to wet food it stopped. Should we switch to a different dry food? Any ideas?


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I'd say call the vet. It seems funny the vet is not having you brush the teeth? They did not have you get that special Science Diet T/D for teeth?

The Pro Plan may cause the poor thing to strain to get the poop out. But only the vet can confirm.

Let us know what the vet say.


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Dry food causes chronic dehydration which could cause her bleed while pooping. And contrary to popular opinion, dry food does NOT clean teeth. That's an old wives' tale. Imagine your dentist telling you to eat potato chips for dental health! I would put her back on all canned and either start brushing her teeth or get some of those dental chews. I've never tried them so I can't personally recommend them, but I know some people swear by the Virbac Oral Hygiene Chews.

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Dry food doesn't help with dental health at all shrug

Please put your cat back on canned food! It's healthier for your cat than any dry food, no matter what the vet says way to go

For dental health, eitehr brush your cat's teeth or use dental chews. The only chews I recommend are CET dental chews. Other chews and treats are basically extra hard and large kibble and don't do anything shrug

Here is video of how to brush a cat's teeth: Video Use only pet toothpaste and a small pet toothbrush or finger brush. CET Is a good brand of toothpaste smile You don't have to brush every day. Once or twice a week is better than nothing at all.

I wonder if the dry food isn't being fully digested so some small hard pieces are irratating the rectum? thinking Leroy sometimes has bloody poop but he eats commerical raw food and sometimes undigested bone fragments irratate his butt shrug

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I agree with the other posters. Dry food isn't the healthiest option and it seems like she is having issues with the Purina food (which isn't a good one to begin with). Dry food does not clean your cats teeth, and in fact, it causes more sugar in your cat's system which is not good for it. No commercial pet food is going keep your cat's teeth clean. The only way to do that is to brush them. I brush my cats' teeth once every two days. It can be difficult to get them to like it at first, but perseverance and confidence from the guardian go a long way, not to mention a treat when it's over. I have a bell in the drawer where I keep their teeth stuff, so they know when the bell rings it's time for teeth brushing and a treat! They usually come running...

I have never used dental chews, but definitely check the ingredients if you are going to use them because there can be a lot of inappropriate ingredients in them. I am surprised your vet hasn't told you to brush the cat's teeth.