Who else rotates?

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Hello! We were just curious as to who else on catster rotates or does not rotate their foods.

We get a mix of wet and dry food. Meowmie wants us on all wet but Kyubey WILL NOT SWITCH and he tends to be slightly underweight so right now he gets dry food too, and I sneak some when I can!

Anyways, meowmie never buys the same bag of dry food twice! We always get high-end food, but there are so many brands and flavors of good ones to choose from that we haven't had to repeat any yet! Plus Meowmie runs a pet store and gets samples form sales reps! Right now we're eating a bag if Instinct LID Salmon that was a freebie form the Instinct rep!

We also get a HUGE variety of canned food. Since Kyubey is a FUSSY little brother and will not eat most canned foods, we get the occasional Fancy Feast (the only thing he will even touch!) as well as an assortment of brands and flavors of high end cans.

I know there are good reasons some people stick with the same food (sensitive tummies anyone??!) and there are also good reasons some of us switch it up.

What's your strategy catsters? smile

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

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Hi! smile

I rotate Hunters food constantly. Not so much in brands. (My budget is starting to get limited) So right now, its Fancy Feast Classic (5-6 different flavors) and then Natures Variety (all the flavors besides pork and fish) He gets either FF or NV in the morning and then for dinner I'll switch. I make it so he never has the same flavor twice in one day.

I used to do like 3-4 different brands and within those brands do like 3-6 different flavors. Hunter has always been on a rotation diet.

When Hunter has dry food, which is hardly ever, I only buy one kind. I never switch up his dry food. I buy Orijen original flavor for him.

I have noticed that for Hunter, he has tons of energy when he eats the high protein NV. He is high energy anyway, but when he eats strictly FF, hes a bit more sluggish. Also when he eats his dry kibble. He just lounges around the house. That could just be Hunter though. Hes and odd one. wink


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We rotate flavors, but get the same amount of hard and soft food a day.


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I buy all different kinds of dry kibble because I think my kitty gets bored of the same flavors/brands and he'll eat just about any kind of kibble. They're all of similar good quality and I don't notice anything upsetting his stomach when I rotate. I would love to get him to eat wet food only but he is very picky about what he will even touch and tends to waste a lot of even the smaller cans. He'll also stick his nose up at refrigerated food.

Kaylee &- Amelia

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I feed a large variety of food to Kaylee and Amelia. I only feed grain-free foods. I am in the process of trying to get rid of kibble from their diets right now, and am slowly working in Ziwi Peak air-dried Venison formula. They have had Orijen Cat & Kitten, Orijen 6 Fish and NV Instinct Chicken Raw Boost kibbles (they came with a Hill's kibble, but once I started mixing in the Orijen, they picked all the Orijen out and left the Hills, which is fine with me since the Hills had a LOT of inferior ingredients). For raw foods, they have had Bold Raw Rabbit, NV Instinct Raw Chicken, Venison, and Lamb formulas, Primal Rabbit, Pheasant, and Turkey formulas. They have also had the occasional piece of raw chicken or beef, but Kaylee doesn't seem to know what to do with it. LOL. For canned, I usually buy whatever I can get at a good deal without compromising my standards. I have used NV Instinct Lamb, Venison, Chicken, Duck, Pork and Rabbit varieties (I had a coupon), Tiki Chicken and Chicken with Egg varieties as well as basically all of the grain-free fish varieties (they don't like red or Ahi tuna but they love sardines and mackerel), all BFF flavours, all Weruva flavours (except a few that are too high in carbs for my liking - I try to stay under 10% carbs). I also use freeze-dried and dehydrated foods such as Stella & Chewy's, Primal and The Honest Kitchen. They love the Honest Kitchen Prowl variety.

A typical day is 1/3 c. kibble/Ziwi Peak for them to share if they get hungry. Sometimes we are away for 8 or 9 hours and I don't feel right leaving nothing for them. Breakfast is a NV Raw medallion covered in Honest Kitchen, lunch is some type of canned food, and supper is either canned food or the NVIRaw/THK mix again. They are only 5 1/2 months old, which is why they get three meals a day. I would love to put them on 100% raw but we have a very small freezer and don't have the space.

I am really picky and I do a lot of research before I add anything to their diets, not to mention that I add stuff in slowly so they don't get diarrhea. I actually feel that NV Instinct cans are too high in fat, but I like the company and their philosophy and if I get coupons for cans, I use them to save money. My general philosophy is that I am willing to spend more money if I know the product is highly nutritious without fillers. The Ziwi Peak, for example, is $18.99/bag here at my local store, which is really expensive for me (I am a student), but I pay it because it is high quality, great ingredients, and a good protein/fat/carbs ratio. It is also the only really decent kibble-alternative I have seen so far. I want the girls to have a wide variety of foods. I also give them digestive enzymes once a day, coconut oil twice a week and fish oil once a week.

Neither of them are picky, but I can definitely tell when they like certain foods better than others. The battle I have is that I want them to like to foods with the highest protein and lowest carbs, such as Weruva and Tiki, but most of those that I have tried are a shredded consistency and they seem to prefer the minced/pate of the NV. Basically, I do the best I can with the knowledge I have, and I am always reading and learning so I can provide them with the best nutrition (and life) that I possibly can!

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I only eat Evo Weight Management dry food. Mommy does change up my wet food. I like Best Feline Friend, Fussie Cat & Earthborn.


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We rotate between a few different premium brands and have not had any problems. The cats seem to enjoy it and definitely have their favorites. If you watch protein % and ingredients and keep it close between brands, you should not have any problems. You just don't want to jump back and forth between a premium and a not-so-premium (ex. Purina), that will mess with the kitties tummy.