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We have a little girl, Mittens about 12 weeks old. this is our first pet as adults, and we are still learning. we grew up feeding our cats whats on sale, what we had coupons for, ect. because that what my parents bought. we want to make sure she grows up healthy so any advice on food? she right now is a dry kitten food, but i have read so much that wet is better. Is that the case, what should i look for? she has had FF kittens wet food as a treat twice and LOVED it, but it made her box smell. im also nervous about changing her food because she is a bit of a diva and began peeing on us when we changed her litter. any help and advice will be great!

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This web site has all the info you need to know about proper cat nutrition way to go http://www.catinfo.org

Yse, canned food is healthier and more appropriate for cats way to go Raw food is even better but not everyone can or is willing to feed that for whatever reason. There are commerical brands of raw pet foods if you aren't interested in making the food yourself or trying to figure out frankenprey ratios.

Ideally look for grain-free brands of canned food that has real meat (not by product) as the number one ingredient. The most important thing is that it is a brand that your cat will eat. You really don't need a kitten formula. All canned foods are formulated for all life stages.

Fancy Feast is popular and has some pretty decent varieties but it doesn't agree with some cats, causing smelly poop shrug Your cat might do better on a higher quality brand. You don't need to buy the high end $2+ brands that are sold only at specialty pet store/boutiques. Here is a list of some good quality grain-free brands, including brands that are sold at big box pet stores: http://www.catster.com/forums/Food_and_Nutrition/thread/774137 way to go

A little further down the board are some coupons for Nature's Variety canned food smile It's a good brand and you can find it at Petco stores now.

Go slow with changing brands of food. Give a little new food at a time to get the cat's tummy used to it.

Once your cat is eating only canend food, you can stop feeding all dry food. Some people like to leave dry food out for the cat to snack on during the day shrug Instead of dry food, you can leave canned food out (a programmable timed feeder is your best friend for this way to go ) or leave a little freeze dried raw food out (crunchy like dry food but a lot healthier). If you prefer to leave some regular dry food out, at least make it a grain-free brand and don't put more than 1/4 cup in a bowl. And add extra water to the canned food to help make up for the lack of water in the dry food.