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I have two 5 month old kittens on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Dry and Canned. I want a food that is grain-free, healthy, high-quality, and is the premium choice for my kits. I'm looking to switch them to the Instinct Raw Boost Duck & Turkey. Is this a good choice in your experience, or is there another better brand I should switch to? If you don't like or recommend this brand, please by all means direct me to another!

Added info: They have dry coats, coarse fur, are noticeably itchy, gunky eyes, build-up in noses, plus runny poop and gas stenches like nothing I have ever encountered.

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Hee's a fairly recent thread with suggsetions on grain-free canned brands: http://www.catster.com/forums/Food_and_Nutrition/thread/774137

There really is no "best" commerical food shrug The brand that your cat likes to eat (most important) and you can find in the local stores and can afford is the "best" one, IMO. A high end brand is great if you can afford it and your cat likes it but many cats do just as well on Fancy Feast and Friskies.

People here will tell you not to feed any dry food if possible. Dry foods aren't a natural source of food for a cat, has zero water which leads to a dehydrated cat, and can cause health issues later in life. You can read more about why dry foods are not good at http://www.catinfo.org smile

If you have to feed some dry, limit it to a small part of the diet. 10% or less is ideal but definitely not 50%.

And instead of dry food, consider freeze dried raw instead. It's a lot healthier than any dry food. It's raw food that's been freeze dried. Not all brands of freeze dried foods are 100% complete diets, though. One good brand that is 100% complete is Stella and Chewy's It can be fed dry for that crunchy texture. If you do feed it dry, add extra water to the caned food to help prevent the kittens from getting dehydrated.

Anyways, any of the Nature's Variety Insinct foods are good smile Some people here feed Blue Buffalo.

A grain-free diet can definitely help with the stinky poop problem and poor fur coat smile Sometimes a cat's tummy doesn't agree with a particular brand of food. Maybe your kittens just aren't going well on Blue Buffalo shrug Slowly transition them to another brand to see if the stinky poop and stuff goes away.


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At 5 months old, try an all wet diet. If only I could get my sisters, Cookie & Candie, to eat more wet food. We got them at 3 and 4 years old. I have worked so hard, Brownie is almost all wet these days. He begs for it and I run to feed him his wet food. I'll have to sit on the floor more with Candie now to get her to eat more.

I'm already making plans my Black Friday at Petsmart. I'm counting how many cans I'll need. Figuring how many cheap Tidy Cat litter pails for the entire year. My back up plan is the Friends & Family 15% off coupon at Petsmart the first full weekend in Dec. and June. (Facebook or by email for the coupon) The savings allows me to buy some other flavors of canned food at Petco during the adoption weekend with the $5 off $25 coupon.


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Everyone has given you good advice. And if you want the ultimate feline diet you might consider raw food. Come on over to the raw forum if you're interested.

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To say that "many cats do just as well on Fancy Feast and Friskies" is ridiculous... those are two of the worst brands with ingredient list that are horrible.
Some may survive on foods made from Purina and Pedigree but certainly won't thrive on it.

As obligate carnivores, cats need a high protein/low carb diet.
A balanced raw meat diet is best and feeding a 100% kibble is a disaster with CRF, kidney disease and feline diabetes waiting in the wings.

Wellness makes 38 formulas of canned of which 35 are grain-free and their "Core" brand is the highest protein... cats would do well on formulas similar to these with some raw meaty bones, meats and offal meats included ever once in a while.
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Merlin is right, the BEST food is the food YOUR cat will eat. A cat that wont eat is a dead cat. I would rather my cat eat Friskies or Fancy Feast if that is the only wet she would eat.

My angel Happy was 15 when we adopted him and was basically a hospice case. For 2 years I struggled to get this cat to eat, my husband and I had to hand feed him many times a day with a spoon and the ONLY food he would touch was Fancy Feast and one variety at that. We considered it a victory if he finished one 3 oz can a day. Sure I tried to get him to eat the better brands but he refused them all. Should I have starved him rather than let him have the one he liked?

My rescue kitty Cali eats Wellness canned now(not pate')after 2 years of weaning her off dry food. I am lucky she likes it but if all she wanted was FF I would rather have her eat that than kibble. And I'm sure I will be criticized for letting her have the gravy varieties but it's what she WANTS. Cali has HCM, we are not sure how long we will have her. I want her to be happy and enjoy her life as long as possible. After our experience with Happy we are grateful Cali is a chow hound. I'm going to let her eat what she enjoys.

There are too many people out there ready to rip into someone for the choices they make in food. I read it constantly on various forums, even warning others that they are essentially killing their pets.

I've seen folks on the Blue Buffalo Facebook page dare to ask a critical question of that brand and they are ripped apart by fanatical "fanboys/girls" who act as though this stuff is gold. (BTW Cali also has 1 oz BB daily between the AM/PM meal)

So if your kitty will eat one of the better brands of food consider yourself lucky but should they prefer a cheaper one please dont beat yourself up over it

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There's no point in feeding a high end brand if the cat flat out refuses to eat it shrug If Fancy Feast, Friskies, etc is the only thing the cat will eat, then I say feed it rather than letting the cat starve.

Fancy Feast and other brands may not have the best ingredients but it may be the only affordable food a pet owner on a budget can feed. A "junky" cheap canned food brand is a lot better than any dry food, IMO. Fancy Feast actually has quite a few varieties that are pretty decent with no grains or fillers. Hre's a chart that lists poular brands of canned foods and whether they contain filler ingredients or "junk": https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuOShIHt9dhbdGlGVVdXcWwwT0dkQjgweWZIeE03dnc&hl=en#gid=0 The chart is a few years out of date and with pet food changing formulas all the time, reading the ingredient label on the current foods is a must.

Yes, raw food is best for all cats but not everyone can or is willing to feed that to their cat for whatever reason, not even a commerical raw pet food brand.