A new Cat food recall-

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Purred: Wed Jul 31, '13 9:51pm PST 
http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/news-archive/archive-wednesday/ massive-nationwide-cat-and-food-recall-announced-after-tests-found-s almonella

this has all the brand names and serial numbers too!

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Purred: Thu Aug 8, '13 5:10am PST 
Check that link. I get an error.


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Here it is: Massive nationwide cat and dog food recall after tests find salmonella

For some reason, Catster's forums insert unnecessary spaces into URLs. If you remove the spaces after copying and pasting, they will work.


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Purred: Thu Aug 8, '13 9:14pm PST 
Wow! This an old recall about Natura from back in June 18, 2013. Natura has already cleaned the plant and sent the first shipment out of the plant July 13. You had me worried it was a new recall. We are waiting with our Natura coupons for the free bags of food to show up on the retailers shelves.

The Dogwell jerky is an old recall too.



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Purred: Fri Aug 9, '13 4:17am PST 
Natura needs to get its business together, but apparently so does this newspaper reporting something that happened nearly two months prior as "news"!


Purred: Sat Aug 10, '13 7:03am PST 
Sigh of relief: Not anything we have eaten. Although my owner has frequently seen these brands at the pet supply store. Thanks for posting the info.