What is the best wet food?

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Im confused, my sister has a cat who had urinary tract infections, and she was recommended to use the dry food, Chicken soup for the soul only....Anyway, if we get a cat, what is the best best wet food to buy for best health and to decrease shedding?

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IMO, ANY canned food is best way to go It's the high water content in canned foods that helps keep a cat hydrated and keeps the urine from getting concentrated which bacteria and crystals love to form in. Lots of people add a little extra water to the canned food, too.

Your sister is misinformed about what food to feed to a urinary issue prone cat shrug Vets push dry foods because they don't know much aboutproper nutrition shrug Other people, like pet store employees and breeders and other pet owners, mean well but often aren't educated in proper basic nutrition either shrug

http://www.catinfo.org has more info about proper diets for cats smile

Ideally you want a grain-free brand since cats have no use for grains in the diet. A brand with no by products and fillers would be good, too. Here's a thread with suggestions on grain-free good quality brands to feed: http://www.catster.com/forums/Food_and_Nutrition/thread/774137

There really isn't one brand of food that is best. The best food is the one that your cat will eat and you can afford smile Some cats like the high end expensive brands, others will only eat inexpensive Fancy Feast. Try a few different brands to see what your cat likes smile


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I would say the feed best wet food you can comfortably afford. Try to stay away from grains as much as you can. Mine eat some Pro-Plan, Fancy Feast, Merrick, Halo, Natural Choice & Friskies. I try a variety like that in case I there is a problem with any one food.


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Best for my colitis are grain free varieties: Weruva (Paw Lickin Chicken my fav), Best Feline Friend (Tuna and Turkey Tickles my fav), Natural Balance (Venison and Green Pea my fav), Halo, Wellness (I like the indoor formula and the new chicken and turkey white meat varieties), the newer Merrick varieties like Chicken Pate and sometimes I'll ask for a Tiki Cat or a Petite Cuisine. My favorite of all is Natural Balance's Catatouille. My owner also mixes in a bit of extra water with my dry food and a bit of Vetasyl (ground flax seed) to help me stay regular.