Switching a picky eater from wet to dry food...help!

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I have a new 4 month old kitten that I adopted after fostering him. He came to us obsessed with canned food. He goes insane when he hears the can open. However, I have to switch up the flavors because he won't eat the same flavors very often. He's a very, very picky eater. I want to switch him to dry food but he's just not a big fan. I've tried mixing wet and dry, warming up with dry, softening it with water and then warming it up, etc. He'll eat it when it's mixed but not by itself.

I'm looking for any tips you all might have to help me switch him smile My other cat transitioned just fine but my new little guy is just too in love with wet food. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!


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Why do you want to feed dry food?

Wet (canned or raw) is MUCH better for cats and kittens, and kittens should be eating as much as they want.

I'm confused because you say the kitten loves canned, but then you say he's bored of it and he's picky? I'd try a few different flavors/varieties and see what he likes!

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Well, you have a smart kitten way to go

Dry foods are horrible for a cat's health. You can read all the reasons why at http://www.catinfo.org

Don't ever soak dry food in water shock Harmful bacteria will grow, epsecially if the mixture sits out for hours.

Canned or raw foods are best. Canned is the easiest for most people. Some cats like to have variety in the diet. Rotate between different flavors and textures. Stick with one or two brands to avoid tummy issues. Limit seafood to once in awhile meals. Some cats will get addicted to eating it and will refuse to eat anything else.

Since your kitten won't eat dry, there's no point in trying to force him to eat it shrug Just feed him canned food since that's what he likes and only wants to eat smile


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Please, please please don't try to force dry kibble on your kitty. Believe me, count your blessings that you already have a cat who has chosen the healthier alternative. Some of have been through hell to get our dry food addicts to accept canned.


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Dry food isn't good for cats. That's becoming better known all the time. Keep you kitty on canned food.