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What would be the best feeding schedule?

1. Wet once a day

2. Dry once a day

3. Dry all day and wet once a day

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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Canned food a few times a day way to go A programmable timed feeder works great for this purpose smile Cats prefer to eat multiple small meals daily.

You can also feed canned food twice a day (morning and evening) with a little (like 1/4 cup or less) dry food left out in between for the cat to snack on. Be sure to add extra water to the canned food. And by dry food I mean a good grain-free brand, not a junky big name brand.

Many people fill a big bowl up with dry food once a day and let the cat eat that for a day or so. The problem with that is saliva gets all over the food and bowl so bacteria happily grows on the food and may cause an upset tummy.

Many people here will tell you that dry foods are horrible for a cat's health, especially a dry food only diet. Catinfo.org goes into detail why.

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My cats get canned food twice a day (once in the morning and once when I get home from work) and a little bit of dry food during the day. If I am home from work, some of the cats like to get a little snack of canned food in the early afternoon about 1 or 2 pm.


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My mommy gives me a 5 1/2 can of Wellness divided into two servings daily and one third of a 3oz can of Blue Buffalo in between.


The Most- Beautiful Girl- In The World
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oops, i meant to say one 5 1/2 oz can per day


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Thanks guys! I'll definitely be switching up my habits then, thanks for the info!


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Such good advice from the good cat people on this board smile I feed my cats 3 meals divided up a day, of canned food. Stephano, the youngest, gets a little more than the two grown ups. I give a 1/3 of a can in the morning to each, with water mixed in. The middle of the day they get a few spoonfuls of canned food....you could give a little dry food here if you need to, but wet is definitely better. Bedtime they get another 1/3 of a can of food with more water. I do give Stephano a little more than the other two at bedtime, because it makes him sleep better. My two boy cats get put up in a bedroom at bedtime, so they don't bug the crud out of everyoneone, and they have learned to sleep at bedtime.

I think a good solid routine with feeding is the best for cats. They like routine, they get used to things quickly. They know what to expect. I think a small amount of good dry is ok, my cats get a small amount of dry as a treat. I lure them in the room when I want to put them up sometimes with the dry food, I say "kitty treats" really loud,they come running. They get a few nibbles and think they have really gotten something. But for the most part they just get wet food. We have had troubles with Taffy before with UTI's, so no dry food meals for this guy, or now Stephano, my other male.