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I am adopting 2 kittens and want to start them on good wet food. I've read that Tiki is an excellent brand, but I don't know if I can feed this to kittens. If anyone has suggestions as to a good brand, I would appreciate some guidance! Thanks. smile

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naughty fleas

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Tiki Cat is mostly all seafood which isn't good to feed all the time shrug Seafood is low in protein, high in phosphorus, and some cats gett addicted to eating seafood and won't eat anything else shrug

Weruva is similar to Tiki Cat and has meat based foods in addition to the seafood. You can look into that smile Weruva has the regular cans and the Cats In The Kitchen cans. They're both pretty much the same shrug

Check out these threads for suggestions on brands of canned food to feed:

A grain-free brand is best since cats can't process grains. Look for a brand that lists real meat (not a meal or by product) as one of the first few ignredients. Price varies among brands. A high price brand, like over $2 a can, isn't necssarily any better than a brand that costs about $1 shrug Find a brand that your cat likes to eat and you can afford way to go

Feed meat based foods and add some seafood once in awhile. That gives your cat variety smile Some people even feed different textures of canned food: pate/loaf, chunks, minced, in gravy/sauce, etc. Some brands are only available in pate/loaf style while other brands may have a few different textures.

I'd stay away from pouched foods. They're mostly water with little actual food shrug As a treat they are ok, though.

Human's favorite canned food brands are Nature's Variety Instinct, Weruva, Innova EVO, and Merrick Before Grain. All are suitable for growing kittens smile