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Tzar Ivan the- wonderful
Purred: Wed Jul 10, '13 8:02am PST 
I feed Ivan wellness wet food, I used to raw feed, but he kept getting UTIs from not drinking water (he still doesn't drink water often). It's a quality wet food and has plenty of variety. If Ivan had no UTI issues I'd still raw feed. But he's not picky and generally will eat any meat or seafood put in front of him.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Wed Jul 10, '13 9:02am PST 
Ivan, what kind of raw were you feeding before? It's unusual for a raw food diet to cause urinary issues thinking


Raw fed &- polydactyl!
Purred: Wed Jul 10, '13 9:26am PST 
Ground raw meat/bone/organ duck/goose/chicken/turkey mixes from Hare Today with Fish Oil & Alnutrin supplement.

Occasionally he gets a very small piece of raw salmon when I order sushi (and I don't want to hear about "raw fish is bad for cats/causes vitamin deficiency" - such a small amount does not pose a threat and offers Omega-3s.)

Toby does not eat any commercial food.

I've wanted to feed raw since I first read about raw diet for cats in 2009 and got a 6 week old kitten and started him on a raw and he loves it. He's very healthy and I know it's a biologically appropriate diet.

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The Most- Beautiful Girl- In The World
Purred: Wed Jul 10, '13 11:27am PST 
Mommy and daddy give me Wellness canned Cubed turkey and chicken, one 5 1/2 oz can per day and 1/3 of a 3 oz can Blue Buffalo Sliced or Grilled Chicken or turkey for my in-between meal. I know that both brands contain gravy BUT it is the only wet food I will eat and mommy had no choice, she wanted me off the kibble. I absolutely LOVE this wet food, I even eat slower than I used to and my tummy feels much fuller. cloud 9

Since I am no longer a kibble addict mommy gave my old bag of food away to the neighbor so she can give it to the outdoor kitties

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Butt-kicker of- all other cats
Purred: Fri Jul 12, '13 7:10am PST 
I feed my 3 cats canned food 3x a day. One cat was a kibble-a-holic for 5 years and she gets about 10 little kibbles at bedtime still (or she will kill me in my sleep laugh out loud ) and the other two, I just use it as a treat, they may get 4-5 little pieces as an occasional treat, and what I usually get is a bag of Halo. I do not free feed dry food anymore, I did for years and my male cat Taffy developed urinary blockage and so I switched him to canned food and he has had no problems since.

I mostly feed Wellness, grain free (they don't seem to like core as well even though I know it is better), but they don't eat the fish ones (since I have heard it is not good for urinary health and mercury and contamination being an issue so I avoid it), they eat chicken turkey and beef (1 is allergic to beef though). This is my go to food, unless I get a good deal on something else, I buy Wellness. My cats have a gorgeous coat and seem to tolerate it better than any other food, however, Beep throws up if she eats the beef one, so I assume she is allergic, so I don't buy that one any more, just turkey and chicken.

I will occasionally rotate and feed the following canned brands:

Halo (Beep is picky and she LOVES Spot's stew and Spot's Pate), she even eats the peas and carrots.

Nature's Variety Instinct (I love it but I can't afford to feed it all the time frown )

Natural Balance (it costs almost as much as wellness now so I don't pick it as often)

Merrick (I currently have thanksgiving day and grammy's pot pie - got a deal since it is being discontinued and a new line coming out) My cats seem to do well on it, Beep won't touch it though.

I have never fed Blue Buffalo canned but when my cats ate dry, BB made them drink excessively, like way more than any other dry food, I didn't like that and I don't buy it not because I think it's a bad food, but it's nearly as much as other foods that I feel are better

Newman's Own Organic - I fed it for a while but my cats seemed really hungry on it, so I stopped feeding it, my daughter feeds her cat this food, and he seems to do ok on it. She gets it in the grocery store pretty cheaply and it seems to be an affordable alternative to her rather than fancy feast and Iams and a bit better.

Fancy Feast - My feral will ONLY eat this cat food. She will not touch any other food, she will stick her tail in the air and walk off, and she will not eat any dry food either. I even tried Friskies, thinking it was similar, she wouldn't touch it.....she will literally walk across the street without a backwards glance at me if I put anything other than fancy feast in her bowl. She will eat leftovers, chicken, hamburger, steak, but no other cat food. Go figure, picky ungrateful turkey, I love her anyway.

My cats eat better than I do, without a doubt smile

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
Purred: Fri Jul 12, '13 10:01am PST 
way to gokitty

thanks for the input!

I don't feed fish personally but that's because they hate it. Fish flavor wet food will get eaten up...but real fish in the diet they will turn their little noses up at it. go figure.

I feed homemade or canned since Miss Tiny will get digestive issues with dry. However, they do get dry treats for tricks or tasks like a nail trim.

Thats about the only cool thing about having a former kibble addicts...they will practicality do a back flip for a piece. I brush their teeth and trim nails with a dry treat bribe at the end.

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