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Hi guys! I'm researching on getting a cat. For food, I plan on feeding Wellness Core Indoor and Wellness Canned Cubed Cuts (most likely not the fish flavors, in case I get an addict.)

1) On the feeding guidelines (assuming I get a cat between 7-10 pounds) it says to feed 1/2 a cup of dry food, and a 3 oz. can on wet. But on the canned food, it says (on the website) "To feed alone: about 1½ cans per 6 – 8 lbs of body weight per day. To feed with dry: reduce dry by ? cup for every ½ can wet." Could anyone help me with this? Should I just go by the dry food guidelines?

2) About how many cups are in the dry food bags? I only plan on having one cat, and don't want to have a half-finished bag of expired food. Could anyone tell me how long their bags last, and include bag size, feeding sizes, and number of cats.

Oh...and just realized this too...I have an account, but no cat (obviously because I don't have one yet,) is there anyway I can post through my account- not as a guest?

Thanks in advance! Sorry for all the questions. xD


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Hi there! I'm glad that you are doing a lot of research before actually getting the cat; a smart move that will benefit you both!

I can't actually answer your questions regarding feeding kibble because I don't feed dry food and I urge you to reconsider feeding it to your kitty when you get one. Canned food is far better for cats.

Kibble has too low of a moisture content and too high of a carbohydrate content to be suitable to feed an obligate carnivore and cats are obligate carnivores. If you would like more information on this subject, you can read catinfo.org.

If you absolutely must feed kibble, only buy small bags for one cat and store the food in the refrigerator or freezer so that it last longer as the oils in kibble can go rancid. Check out this article, it refers to dog kibble, but the information in valid for both. http://www.dog-nutrition-advice.com/dry-dog-food-storage.html

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I feed Wellness in the yellow bag, low in phosphorus. We also feed canned food. I'm big on feeding all those different flavors in canned food: venison, pheasant, quail, pork, chicken, duck, buffalo. I'm stopped feeding beef ones & now they will not touch it. We have dry foods that are chicken, fish or duck that are out all day for free grazing all day long. I try to feed the wet food three times a day. I even add extra water to get more water in them. The girls love all the fish ones in canned and Brownie loves all the flavors. Hooray Brownie!

I'm not big on freezing the dry food. I have most of my food, dry and wet, in a dark cool dry spot of the basement. I get lots of exercise to bring it up as needed. It's good for me and the cats!

Please send me a message if you like to save money on your pet food and litter.

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Thanks for the replies! I'm definitely going to try to do a whole wet diet, though I'm just worried about not having the money in the long run. As a side note, I do plan on getting a water fountain. What other brands of wet food do you suggest? To be honest, I tried to look into Nature's Variety, but something about how the Petco website lined the cans up and how they all looked the same just.like hurt my brain. I don't know either, so don't ask. laugh out loud
Also, I read you could buy the bigger cans to save money? Should the fact that they would get a slightly smaller serving, since they are usually 5.5, worry me?
Thanks again!

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Here's the main Nature's Variety web site: http://www.naturesvariety.com/

NV has two different lines, Instinct and Prarie. Instinct is the grain-free line. Prarie contains grains. A grain-free diet is ideal since cats don't process grains very well. Here's NV's separate web site for the Instinct line: http://www.instinctpetfood.com/

Independent non chain pet stores sell NV and many other premium brands way to go Check out your local stores smile Many pet food company web sites have a store locator that you can use.

Yes, bigger cans save money over time way to go Not all brands are available in sizes larger than 3 or 5 oz though shrug NV for dogs can be fed to cats. It's the exact same formula and is available in a large 13.2 oz can size.

How much to feed depends on the cat. A 5 oz can can be enough for a day's meal for one cat but not enough for another cat. You'll have to do some trial and error to find the right amount for your cat. Feed enough to maintain good body weight. One of Human's cats eats 3 oz of food per day while the other one only eats 2 oz of food.

Human has fed these good mostly grain-free brands in the past:
Weruva, both the regular cans and the Cats In The Kitchen pouches and cans
Innova EVO
Merrick Before Grain
Go Natural

Here are some others:
Soulistic, made by Weruva and sold only at Petco. It comes in cans and pouches.
Best Feline Food (BFF), also made by Weruva. It's a mostly seafood based line shrug
Blue Buffalo, there are some varieties that are grain-free.
Fussie Cat
Murr of Iceland
Tiki Cat
Evangers, all are complete diets except the Game Meats line
Fromm Family
Wysong, all are complete diets except the Au Jus line.

There are a lot of other brands out there smile Note that I have only listed the mid to high end brands. These can be pricey and are typically sold only at non chain pet stores/boutiques. A good online place to buy these brands, if you can't find a local store, is OnlyNaturalPet.com smile

Big name inexpensive brands such as Fancy Feast, Friskies, Special Kitty, Sheba, etc are more affordable options.

Canned food does cost more than dry but over time it can save you money on vet bills in the ong run. There are many expensive health issues that can be caused, in part, by dry food. IMO, it's better to pay a little more for a good food/diet now than to pay lots of money for expensive vet bills, medicines, etc later. A little dry food once in awhile won't hurt.

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Thanks for all the links and info! I'll definitely do a 100% wet!
Also, you know those feeding balls where the cat has the roll the ball to get food out? Do you think I could get dry food and put it in the ball for it to get out if hungry? In addition to wet meals too. I understand if the cat likes to eat everything at once, I wouldn't.

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You can leave canned food out all day for mini meals way to go Just use a programmable timed feeder like this one smile Canned food won't spoil if left out all day. It might get dry but most cats are ok with that smile You could add extra water to the food to keep it moist longer and/or freeze canned food in a silicone ice cube tray and pop out a frozen cube to put into the timed feeder compartments to slowly defrost during the day. Some brands of timed feeders have an ice pack that helps to keep canned food cool.

I guess a treat ball with dry food will work thinking A little dry food daily won't hurt at all. It's long term feeding of nothing but dry food that can cause health issues. If you do use the ball with dry food, be sure to add extra water to the canned food meals to make up for the dry food having no water. Water is essential for bodies of all species (cats, Humans, etc) to work properly way to go

For more info on proper diet for cats, you can read Catinfo.org smile

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Did you all know that the NEW Nutro Natural Choice wet, is ALL GRAIN FREE now?happy dance
Meowma bought us all some and WOW! We LOVE the new Crunchy Loaf, Salmon and Duck!
All of the Dry food is wheat and gluten free. We all LOVE the GRAIN FREE
Duck and Potato dry!
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