Natura Recall

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Purred: Fri Apr 19, '13 6:35pm PST 
Now all dry food made by Nautra recalled if the expiration date before March 25, 2014. Karma, Evo, California Natural, Innova, Healthwise. No wet food is being recalled.

Visit www.naturapet.com/recall for more details and form to get a refund or product replacement coupons.

PS, Happy Birthday my Brown Bear, I love you Brownie!!!

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Fri Apr 19, '13 7:20pm PST 
MeOws Cookie, Oh, my gosh Natura Recall? shock

My Kally Kat ate that EVO for a while & pray she will not suffer anything bad from that food! ( P&G ) naughty I just knew something wasn't right!

I remember the last 3 bags the food wasn't the same; the kibbles were too large & a lot of tiny small granules like dust!

Thank you Cookie for sharing & Mommy loves
Brownies specially da crusts! laugh out loud

Luv yew to pieces Cookie,
Kally Kat♥♥


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Purred: Mon Apr 22, '13 12:00pm PST 
On the plus side, this is a salmonella recall. It's definitely something to be wary of, but not a reason to panic. Us kitties (and our doggy counterparts) don't generally get sick from salmonella. My auntie (Meowmie's sister) has been a registered vet tech in a cat hospital for twelve years and has NEVER seen a cat diagnosed with salmonellosis. It would be much more serious if this were a recall due to a nutritional deficiency or something else.

This recall is mostly to protect our human servants, who are much more vulnerable to infection than we are. So tell your humans to always wash their paws after handling your food, no matter what brand it is!!


Can we play??
Purred: Mon Apr 22, '13 12:09pm PST 
Oh, Kally Kat. We were so worried about you. Lots of sad things happened in Boston last week make me worried about you. Happy you all are alright!

I just got a bag of Evo for Browinie's birthday as treats. Of the 6.6 lb bag only used 0.6 lb. I will get a replacement coupon as I already mailed the form.

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Thu Apr 25, '13 6:42pm PST 
Mew mews Cookie & Cat furriends! wave

Oh, we so appreciate your love & concern.
What happened in Boston, Texas & Chicago was all so much stress & heartaches, very scary crycry

We are safe, Mommy neva goes to Boston anymore even though she was born theyah!
Boston is a very historical state goes all the way back to the Pilgrims & Native Indians!

Do you think because of Procter & Gamble takeover this happened with the recall?

No more EVO or Natura for Miss Kally Kat!
It's a constant worry when it comes to feeding our precious furrbabies! shrug

Luv ya,big hug
Kally Kat