Home grown catnip!

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Purred: Tue Apr 16, '13 1:59pm PST 
Mommy is looking to start growing catnip for me indoors! YAY!
But she's having trouble finding a good set. Petco/smart only has the dried kind and amazon doesn't look reliable to her.
So, where can she find a good indoor catnip growing kit?


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Purred: Tue Apr 16, '13 2:42pm PST 
Hey there! I grow my own kitty crack (aka: catnip), too!
I didn't buy a kit. I just bought the seeds and small 3x3inch plastic starter cups; gave the seeds some water about every other day and it grew like crazy! It is basically a naturally growing weed anyway.
In fact, of all the herbs I grow, kitty crack is by FAR the easiest and lowest maintenance to grow. I put it outside during the day for the sun and then bring it in and lock it up at night.
The PROBLEM I have is keeping the furbabies from finding & decimating the plants! Homegrown is MUCH more fragrant and regardless of where I hide it, they ALWAYS find it! A few years back, I lost a good set of plates & bowls because I thought they'd never find it if I put it on the top shelf of one of the cabinets...lol.
So. Instead of getting a kit, just buy the 1.50 bag of seeds, buy a few of the plastic, throw-away planters for small starter plants, and some dirt. No fertilizer necessary. Cheaper than a kit and you get WAY more kitty crack!
If you decide to grow it yourself, when and if you want to dry it to store some away for later, email me and I'll be happy to give you an easy way to dry it, too!

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Purred: Tue Apr 16, '13 5:24pm PST 

We've seen catnip growing kits at Petco, etc. Not sure why your local stores don't have any shrug Non chain pet stores often have growing kits, too.

But you don't really need a growing kit smile All you need is a sturdy pot, potting soil, and catnip seeds way to go

Choose a pot that won't break if the cat knocks it over. Plastic is always a good choice. I think a 6 inch or 8 inch pot will work well. You can use a bigger pot if you want lots of catnip smile

Use potting soil that doesn't contain any fertilizers. A plain seed starting mix will work.

Buy some catnip seeds smile Burpee has catnip seeds, http://www.burpee.com/herbs/catnip/ You can find Burpee at the gardening center and other places that sell gardening stuff. Or, you can buy regular dried catnip and look for the little seed head/buds. Those contain seeds that will turn into plants smile

Sprinkle the seeds over the soil and cover with a light layer of more soil. Water thoroughly and whenever the soil gets dry. Plants should sprout within a week or so smile When the plants are a few inches high, thin out the plants so that only the strong sturdy ones are left. When the plants have several sets of leaves, you can start picking smile Regular picking of the leaves will encourage the plant to grow bigger.