Major problem with Wellness canned cat food

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Purred: Sun Mar 17, '13 6:23pm PST 
I received a shipment of 2 cases of Wellness formula (not Core) canned cat food from Petflow and the food is half dried out. 1 case of chicken and 1 of turkey, both were bad. The 2 previous shipments from Petflow were fine. I have had this same problem with the same food from PetFoodDirect so there must be some problem with Wellness's canning process. In the past I tried adding water to the food to restore the moisture but my cats don't like the taste.
I am giving up on Wellness food and switching to Merrick canned. I just sent Wellness a message and have not heard back from them yet.

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Purred: Mon Mar 18, '13 1:42am PST 
There IS something really weird going on with wellness. I have seen recent reports from this month of bad problems ...

and with a little digging it seems it has to do with their packing plant. If you get products with packing from a certain area - the formula hasn't changed...
Yet if you do - they ahve added things like chicken broth to the turkey and a few other chicken byproducts.

Since I've received the 'bad' cans .. my cats have both got terrible diarrhea.
I try my best to feed the kitties something healthy and grain free and i'm getting left with no options.

BB will be having recalls i'm sure soon with as many terrible sicknesses the pets have been getting - and now this >_