holistic foods in canada?

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I beg, therefore- I am.
Purred: Tue Mar 5, '13 5:56pm PST 
Does anyone know of good quality but affordable cat foods that are sold near Halifax, Nova Scotia?


Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

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Mew mews Booger,

Oh, I must say your a most bootiful Calico furry lovely lady cat! flowers

My name is Kally Kat & Mommy went right to Google search for you!
All about what's available in your area!

Here is a link to go too.
It's green & you click on that link to a whole world of Pet foods!

Pet food near Halifax, Canada

Top rate quality foods, grain - free dry & canned grain - free.

So much to read & learn from!

Acana & Origin are tops. Not sure what the costs are, but at least you can do some research if your able too!

They will be a tab on that website it will say Products & you'll see them all.

Only to let you know that I saw Science Diet dry cat food, which would in my opinion of poor quality. A lot of grains & carbs !! shock

Wet foods grain - free & raw freeze dried are very good choices!

I don't know what kind of foods Booger is eating now & how her health is concern.. I hope this will be of some help to you!

Please reply back if you need anymore help, ok?

Perhaps some other nice Catster furriends can help you too! way to go

I have tried so many types of food for Kally Kat.

She really likes the freeze dried foods & her grain-free canned foods as well water she loves to drink!

Good luck & hope you will find some top quality foods for your Booger! big hug

Purrs of luvs,
Purrs, Kally Kat O' Kelly ♥♥♥

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I beg, therefore- I am.
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thanks, its not for me but someone asked at another forum, they need something they can find at a grocery store or wal-mart, so orijen would be out. I found a food called Actr1ium, its not grain free, but its better quality than most grocery store foods, so hopefully it works.

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

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I was only too happy to help you out! smile

Let's hope you friend will find what they are looking for!

I myself, read all the labels when trying out new foods.

Coming here to the Forum in Food & Nutrition has been extremely helpful! way to go

I got to meet you Booger you are very lovely both you & your sisfurr!

Purrs big hug