Regurgitation and too much exercise?

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Purred: Wed Jan 30, '13 3:55pm PST 
I've got a young female Savannah cat, 1 1/2 yrs old, 8 1/2 lean pounds of muscle.

We feed her a pre-ground raw, Furry Foodie, 2oz 3x a day.

We used to mix in chicken gizzards for the teeth cleaning benefit until she regurgitated a couple of times, and I figured either I got a bad batch, or else cut the pieces too big.

So then I left out the gizzards and just gave her the pre-made food, and she regurgitated maybe one or two more times after that, but not since.

Now I'm just trying to figure out what I did wrong... Did she bruise her throat trying to choke down a big piece of gizzard, and so threw up a couple more times while she was healing up?

She's a very high energy cat, so playtime for her (at least with me) involves lots of running and jumping, usually till she's short-winded a bit (or has that "grinning" look she gets when she's breathing hard).

I know with people, you're not supposed to exercise and eat too close together. Could too much exercise too near mealtimes be contributing to her regurgitation?

Thanks in advance!


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I think it works the same way for kitties too. Jack has done that a few times actually. He eats a bunch, and then goes to play and ends up throwing up sometimes. It could also be a matter of eating the food too quickly.. That can cause a kitty to throw up too.


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I read both our your post on Gypsy throwing up. Can I ask some questions? How much hair is she shredding this week, last week, or a month ago? When you comb her out is there a lot of hair in the comb? Does she ever throw up a hair ball ever?

Do you know if she throws up a few minutes after eating, after playing, after drinking? And the raw food is the same protein as before? Is it lamb? When you called the pet store to see if any one else had any issues this the raw food this week what did they say? Does she woof the food down fast? Maybe a bubble in the tummy...

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Just a thought: Maybe you should play with her first, then feed her. Try to mimic what they do in the wild. Think about it, Hunt, eat, clean, nap. Thats what I do with Hunter. He never plays on a full stomach.

Maybe play with her 45 minutes before you feed her. Play for 1/2 hour, and then let her rest for 15 minutes or so. Then feed her.

As for the gizzards, I would slowly incorporate that back into her diet. I'm not all that knowledgeable with feeding raw, so I don't have the best advice regarding that.

Hope things work out!


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Gypsy's a short hair and has never shed very much, and has never thrown up a hairball to the best of my knowledge.

She has had problems with throwing up before.

We're starting to keep a log... she just had some rabbit and threw it up pretty quickly.

We went to a vet and she recommended 1/4 tab (2.5mg) pepcid, once daily.

Gypsy's never wolfed down her food. Until we went raw only, we let her free feed kibble. With the raw food, we're giving her about 2oz before work, when we get home, and before we go to bed.

Her raw proteins have been chicken, turkey, and rabbit (I'm most skeptical of the rabbit). I just got some Instinct Bites raw Duck formula today, but i'm going to leave that on the back shelf for a bit until I figure out what going on.

If the pepcid doesn't work, then it looks like it might be IBD, so I'll have to read some posts on IBD in cats.

Thanks for all your help.