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Has anybody else experienced a problem with a shipment of wellness canned food from PetFoodDirect.com not being of the same quality as previous shipments? I have been a customer of them for about a year now and my cats have always enjoyed the canned Wellness Chicken from them UNTIL the last shipment I received from them. When compared to other Wellness food purchased from a local store the PetFoodDirect food is not as moist and my cats will no longer eat the PFD food but love the locally purchased. The food is more than 2 years from its expiration date - March 2015. Is PFD properly storing the food before they ship it?

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What did PFD say when you called them?? Or did you reach WellPet about this??


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A couple years ago we had some canned Wellness Turkey that none of us would eat. We bought it at our local pet store. The cans were extra soupy with more moisture than usual.

We have added it back in to our rotation now and it is well liked and a normal consistency.

My guess is that it has something to do with the manufacturing process, and not where it's purchased. Sorry, I know this isn't much help, but sounds like a similar issue.

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Hi Gus! I'm so sorry to hear about the problems your having with the Wellness food. I work for PetFoodDirect and can assure you our protocol for food storage has not changed in the slightest. I did share your feedback with Wellness and they asked me to send along the below response.

"Since our food is natural, the products don’t contain any artificial colors or stabilizers and so may look slightly different in color and consistency from time to time. Additionally, you may see variations between can sizes due to process variables. Please be assured that even though the product may look different from batch to batch, its superior nutritional value, palatability and safety does not change. Please feel free to reach out to Wellness with any questions or comments you may have about their food. You can reach the Wellness Consumer Affairs team at 800.225.0904 from Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Eastern Time or via email at info@wellpet.com."

I hope this info helps! I would definitely suggest reaching out to them directly, or I'm happy to put you in touch with our Customer Care team. We certainly want your kitties to enjoy their foodsmile


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Kelly, I am not blaming Wellness for this issue.

By the way this is the third time in a about year or more that this has happened with PFD but the first time with the chicken flavor. When I first joined PFD I ordered 24 cans of chicken and turkey each but my cats would not touch the turkey flavor from PFD even though they loved the same flavor from Petco. PFD refunded the first 24 cans of turkey so I decided to give them another chance and the same thing happened with the next case of turkey. I then switched to two cases of chicken with no turkey thinking that maybe the turkey was sitting too long in a warehouse (I assumed that maybe the warehouse has inadequate temperature control and the food was dehydrating during the summer heat)(just a guess).

From PFD:
"I am sorry for that your most recent order of Wellness Canned Cat food is not as consistent as previous orders. We will be glad to refund you back for what you have left from your order. Please cut and remove the UPC's from the cans you have and mail them to us."

When I first started having this issue I did contact Wellness but they pretty much ignored my concerns, I assumed that they thought I was just someone who loves to complain since I didn't have much to go on.

Gus and Pudgy
(Pudgy is the finicky one, I will eat just about anything.)
((Pudgy won't even eat seafood because of the smell--can you believe that!))

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"I am not blaming Wellness for this issue" Well, not yet anyways.
Has anyone else had problems with Wellness canned food being too dry and not palatable for their cats even though the food is nowhere near the expire date?

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Hi Gus - Thanks for getting back to me. I spoke with our Customer Care Manager about this, and she has not been able to find any record of a similar complaint. We're certainly going to keep our ears perked moving forward to make sure others aren't experiencing the same thing. In the meantime, we certainly don't want Pudgy paying for food he does not like, so I would definitely suggest sending in the UPC codes to obtain a refund.



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I had Felix on the kitten formula at first. It was nice & soft - he liked it, then when I got another case it seemed harder & I had to really mush it up. He ate it only because I would not give him anything else. I have since switched brands.

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I haven't ordered from Pet food direct, but have noticed some consistency changes with Wellness cans. Rossi was eating the their sliced/chunked chicken & turkey flavors for the longest time but started refusing to eat it.Then I got a few cans that just looked & smelled a little 'off'. I ended up returning them & contacting the company, with very little feedback from Wellness. I switched her to their pate formulas & I found they are hit and miss. Some are little firmer & not quite as moist as other batches/lot numbers. For the most part I now feed Instinct cans, but it is interesting to see that other people have had some issues with Wellness...


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My cats have been eating Wellness for over a year now and we have not noticed any change in consistency. We get ours from Petco.