Can food determine behavior?

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Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

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Purred: Fri Nov 30, '12 5:51am PST 
This is just an observation, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

Normally I feed Hunter fancy feast in the morning and at night he gets the high quality food for dinner. Well for a couple of weeks I didn't have the money to get the higher quality food so I was giving him fancy feast twice a day. He ate it. I noticed that he was sleeping so much more. He seemed agitated. When he was awake he couldn't get enough exercise, instead of walking around the house, he was running. He didn't want to be pet all that much, and was just annoyed with me. It was the strangest thing.

Last weekend I bought his higher quality food. So this week he's had it for dinner. He is back to his normal self. He is only sleeping his normal 3 hour nap during the day. He isn't agitated and is coming to me for affection. He wants to play more, and he is walking throughout the house instead of running. He seems happier.

I know when he has kibble, which isn't often, he is definately more sluggish. But I never noticed the difference between the lower quality and higher quality food. For Hunter it makes a difference.

Does this make any sense??


Georgian Blue
Purred: Sun Dec 2, '12 1:20am PST 
This is something I've noticed with my cats. I use to feed them only grain-free canned food. Since my husband lost his job, they are now on a low quality canned cat food. When they were on the good quality food, they never tried to eat grass or other vegetation. Now, they are constantly chewing on grass and leaves in the backyard! They also use to hunt small animals and bugs. Not anymore. I have also noticed decreased energy in my cats and a lot more napping. It seems like one cat is always trying to eat the lawn! I don't need to even say it, but we have more than enough cat pukes around the house because of that!

Angel Lily

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Purred: Sun Dec 9, '12 11:45am PST 
Definitely! You are what you eat, and this doesn't just apply to people. If you eat bad, you will feel bad. Food is the ultimate key to your health.