Revealed-Petco ad (Black Friday - Christmas Eve)

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The canned food is not a good of price as Petsmart. The litter is not as good of priced as Petsmart. Now with that being said.

Buy anything, you get free reindeer anters & ears while supplies last. The cats will love that.

Page 10 of the ad was my favorite for kibble.
$9.99 for a Select 2-6 lb bags that are originally priced $18.99 or lower. Limit 2.
Halo 3 lb bag
Wellness 2.94 lb bag
Nature's Recipe maybe a 6 lb bag. Is there a 3 lb bag?
Canyon Creek Ranch 5 lb bag
AvoDerm 3 lb bag
Solid Gold 4 lb bag
And you know the Petco website has a $5 off coupon for the Canyon Creek Ranch and a $3 off coupon for the Nature's Recipe at the coupon tab. And if you are there, print the coupon for the free can of Friskies too.

$5.99 Nutro Max 3 lb bag
4 for $7 Purina Cat treats like Party Mix
20% off Greenie Treats
10% off Royal Canin, Hill's Science Diet, ProPlan, Eukanuba

$5 off select bags of:
Nutro Max indoor 16 lb
Nutro Natural Choice Indoor 7 lb
ProPlan Selects 16 lb*
Hill's Science Diet 15.5-17.5 lb of Optimal Care, Adult Light, Mature Adult & Age Defying
* Excluded ProPlan Hairball

Buy 12 cans of Merrick get a 3.3 lb bag of BG Merrick free
$5 off a 10-15 lb bag of Nature's Variety, Blue Freedom or Wilderness, or Natural Balance.
The scratching posts 50% off and cat furniture 15% off. Some litter and litter items. There might be a coupon on Smartsource.com for one of them too. I think it was a $10 off. Hum, $10 off the $15.99 item on page 13 = a great deal. Saw bowls that were stainless steel and ceramic. The photo showed a fountain, but only 10% off. There was pet bedding on sale too.

** Coupon match up! Visit sites like couponcadet.com. There are a coupons for Greenies and Halo too. Saw on the Wellness website a coupon for $3 off. **

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