Water Fountain Recommendations?

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Queen of Cuddles
Purred: Tue Nov 13, '12 10:49am PST 
The holidays are nearing and it's made me re-remember that we had considered getting a water fountain for our two cats. They like drinking fresh water out of the bathroom sink or shower and sometimes like to get it fresh out of the tap. I don't want something super expensive- I'm trying to be budget conscious- but I know that often times the cheapest options can be just that- cheap quality. Does anyone have any experience or good options that I should check out?


Patch - wallpaper- stripper
Purred: Tue Nov 13, '12 12:43pm PST 
I have 8 cats and 2 fountains, a Pet Mate and a Catit, they have bottled water in them only and they love them. Both are easy to keep clean too.


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Purred: Tue Nov 13, '12 7:04pm PST 
Last year I got a Pioneer Pet stainless teardop fountain on Amazon. It was over $60 at Petco - Amazon= $35. What I like is that you can put the parts in the dishwasher. each kitty likes to drink from a different spot too. There is a still part, a bubbler part, a running water part. It is pretty quiet until it starts to run low. To me that is a good thing, cause it reminds me to empty & refil it every other day or so. It has filters you can buy, but I have an undersink filter system, so I just use the filtered water in there so I save the expense of extra filters.


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Purred: Tue Nov 13, '12 7:48pm PST 
It's Stella. We had a water fountain. It was great. Every night when our person went to sleep, I would knock it around the kitchen floor and take it apart. My favorite thing was to take the filter out and play with it like it was a mouse. When our person got up, she had to clean up the water and find all the pieces and reassemble it. When we posted this on Catster, about 6 years ago, no one else had this problem, so I am not sure how common this is. Check the fountains to see how easily they come apart. We don't have a fountain now and we could really use one, as there are 4 of us and Delyte has kidney trouble. We'll have to check and see if there are any that are beyond my talents. Bubbling might encourage probing or curiosity about the source. On the other hand, if your cats are used to running tap water, they might be used to that. Good luck! Let us know what you decide to get. wave


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Purred: Wed Nov 14, '12 6:17pm PST 
We have a Drinkwell Fountain. I had for a while. Not a lot of choices back then. I like the extra water container that hold is it 56 oz. They go through the water too.


I'm the Alpha- cat!
Purred: Thu Nov 15, '12 2:07am PST 
It's me again. I'm just saying, BLACK FRIDAY! The Petsmart ad for Black Friday has been released. Select Drinkwell fountains are 50% off. Google to see it.