Need Suggestions on a Good, Grain-Free Kibble

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I have recently took the step up from Purina One and put Chey on a grain-free kibble. Love the results in my dogs, and we can't just leave my little meow behind. I took a trip to Petco and bought her some Nature's Variety - Duck (flavor/formula). She LOVED it. Her energy level is back up (which isn't always a good thing - LOL), and her coat is AMAZINGLY soft and plushy, and she is just doing super well on it... except that it is messing with her poops. They are super stinky, and while she does not have the flat-out runs, she occasionally leaves a little bit on her behind.

Now I remembered when I ate duck, I found it to be a little greasy, so the next (and current) bag of food I bought, I switched to the chicken formula... to no avail.

I did pick up a probiotic that I sprinkle on her food each morning, and that HAS helped a little (when I first switched from PO to NV she did get the runs). And like I said, they ARE solid now.

I also ruled out intestinal parasites, as I dewormed her and the dogs recently.

Now, I know it is healthier for cats to be on wet food, but she refuses to eat it, so kibble is my only option. So I'm wondering if there is another grain-free kibble out there that would be a bit easier on her tummy?

Any help is appreciated.

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Purred: Thu Nov 8, '12 4:15am PST 
Hunter eats Orijen when he gets kibble. Its grain free and high protein. Its chicken flavored and he hasn't had any problems when he gets it, which is hardly ever.

I find that he is more sluggish when he eats kibble, compared to when he eats just wet food. Just an observation

Petco/Petsmart doesn't sell Orijen though. You'd have to go to an independant pet store to find it, if you're interested.

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How about a kibble-shaped freeze dried raw food? thinking Stella and Chewy's makes a 100% complete freeze dried raw food for cats: http://www.stellaandchewys.com/cat-products.php It's grain free and a lot healthier than any dry food, IMO smile The texture is softer than dry food, similar to freeze dried meat treats. It should be rehydrated in water before serving but it can be fed dry. You could start feeding it dry and then slowly add small amounts of water until your cat is eating the food rehydrated way to go

Stella and Chewy's comes in two types: the regular big bag of kibble-shaped food and the small pouches of smaller easier to rehydrate kibble pieces. I suggest buying the small pouch first to see if your cat likes it. Give it as as treat at first and then slowly make it into a meal. Maybe mixing some of the freeze dried raw with some dry food will help convince the cat that it's yummy food.

There's a store locator on the Stella and Chewy's web site so you can find a local store that sell the food. Independent non-chain pet stores/boutiques usually sell the high end brands like Stella and Chewy's. And you can buy the food online at various places.

Primal Pet makes another 100% complete freeze dried raw food but it's very expensive for a little bag shock

Have you tried different canned food textures and flavors? Cats are picky. Some only like pate, others only like chunks in gravy. Some may like only a certain meat but only for a particular brand.


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Merrick Before Grain is a very good one.


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My cats also got very stinky poo when they ate NV Instinct kibble. They loved it but I didn't appreciate the stink! Any cat can get the runs after switching from a lower quality to a grain-free food. Try switching foods slowly to let her system get used to the change.

I like Merrick's BG chicken and Wellness CORE duck and turkey.


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Do you think the amount of fiber in the kibble is the problem? The carb that binds the kibble helped the poop too. Have you tried the foods with a carb of potatoes, sweet potatoes or peas?? Some of the kibble add extra fiber from peas, beets or citrus. NV has a crude fiber of 2.5%. From my cat's food here is the crude fiber: Wellness 3%, CCR 3%, Holistic Select 2.8%. Maybe some of our friends can read their bags to amount of crude fiber.

I have an idea but you my not like it. Have you mixed some food like Purina BeYond One or Purina's Canyon Creek Ranch with the NV? The Purina ones I listed have no corn or wheat. The CCR has no soy. You can mix it 2 to 1 or somethink like that. The Purina BO, you can get the small box to without a big investment and try to see if that helps.