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Long story, too long for here, but manage and feed a TNR colony (trap, neuter, return) have been for last 12 years.The colony has about 40 cats. My total income was cut off today for maybe a month or two (that is the long part of the story), anyway cats have all been on Friskies wet two times a day and dry replenished morning and night,without fail for 12 years. I now have no food, and no money to feed. Friend loaned me $100 today and got all dry food. Fed tonight for first time all dry, and they are crying and fighting (never ever before). I just don't know what to do. Can I switch so suddenly to dry without harming them? All ages in the colony 13 years to 5 months. Any ideas really appreciated.


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They know something's changed. You should be alright, just make sure they have lots of water available to them! You're a good person to feed them!