Any of you feeding Petite Cuisine?? What a deal!

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Purred: Fri Oct 12, '12 9:15pm PST 
We were by a Petco today. I had a coupon for Fancy Feast Mornings that I wanted to use so we stopped in to shop.

I saw they have a variety pack of the Petite Cuisine in the chicken ones, Sesame Chicken and Chicken Pot Pie. I thought the shelf tag said it was $3.49. But after I was in the parking lot I looked at my receipt. It was regular priced $3.89 for the four cans. But it was on sale according to my receipt. It rank up $0.70 for the four cans. That is 82% off. If you go before the sale ad for this month expires, you to may find their computer system mispriced this variety pack.