Wellness CORE causing stinky litter box!!

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On the Prowl....
Purred: Fri Sep 21, '12 4:00pm PST 
I had the cats on Taste of the Wild for quite a while but around the time of the recall Rasha had terrible diarrhea. It lingered for a few weeks despite the use of Metronidazole so I decided it must be the food. We switched to CORE and a digestive enzyme. Rasha, Cheetah and Skyllar have all done well on the food (softer coat, firm stool, etc) but their litter box just seems to STINK much more than I remember. I can't afford 100% canned food so I soak the kibble for about 5 minutes which helps with the urine smell a lot. But it seems the stool smell is just soo bad now. My dogs are 100% raw fed and have been for many years but my cats didn't take to it very well. Or I would do it.

What could cause such a horrible smell? They do well on the food otherwise. Should I try another brand? Thoughts?