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Purred: Wed Nov 21, '12 12:40pm PST 
Hi everypawdy
The human bought the Murr Pure Icelandic Cat Formula with Lamb for the Mature Adult today for my sick sister Isabelle. It doesn't say on the pouch that it's a supplement food. What it does say is:

"Murr Pure Icelandic Cat Formula with Lamb for the Mature Adult is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages". Crude Protein 12.8%, Crude Fat 7.5%, Crude Fiber 1%, Moisture 75%, Ash

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The Murr web site www.murrfoods.com just launched and contains complete information about our Murr Cat Food & Urr Dog Food which comes directly from Iceland. Rather than provide a great deal of detail I'll encourage you to look at our web site (which does contain a store locator so you can easily find a store near you). Thus far we are in all of New England plus NY, NJ, MD, PA & DE. We are preparing to launch next throughout Canada. Murr IS a complete diet for cats and Urr is a complete diet for small breed dogs or can be used as a topper for larger dogs.

I joined the company because I feel that this is the finest product in the world from a nutritional standpoint and from a palatability standpoint. ALL dogs & cats LOVE eating it. Murr is made from the purest ingredients in a country where strictness in production is second to none. Our unique formulas provide all necessary vitamins, minerals & micronutrients directly from the proteins so no vitamin pack additives are needed. We only add potato starch as a binder and Calcite (a pure form of Calcium). Our products are a maximum of 1% carbohydrate and are exceptionally good for pets with diabetes.

Please check out our website at www.murrfoods.com or email me directly at nwhite@murrfoods.com

Most Sincerely,
Norman White
Chief Operating Officer
Murr, Inc.

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Bump smile

The web site has info about the food now way to go

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